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  1. Hi, sorry for jumping on but have you got an email address for Littlewoods or Ahop Direct please ? Thanks
  2. So just had an email today confirming that I will be allowed 416 miles per month mileage until the new car arrives and not have to pay the additional 7.5pm per mile
  3. SIneo +55821100613090.pdfHi dx, Edited version now attached. Can you replace with the ones that are showing please ? Thanks Katie
  4. I don’t think I ever had a contract with the dealer - I don’t even know who that is. The t&c and agreement is the only paperwork I can find. can you delete my attachments - just noticed it’s got my name etc on them. Thanks
  5. Thanks. I’m paying £306 at the moment and £400 for the new car. I just don’t think it’s fair to be paying £306 plus £75 as if my new car had arrived as expected then I would just be using the new mileage allowance.
  6. Right, so I have attached my new and old contracts to this message. The only thing I canfind relating to the late delivery of a car is : The current status of your order is showing as : Scheduled for build – ETA late November We have placed your vehicle order with one of our preferred dealers. The dealer places the order with the factory and are advised the estimated time of arrival. The ETA of a vehicle is based on varying factors such as build schedules, supply demand etc. The ETA is an approximate estimate, and we are not able to confirm delivery dates until the vehicle arrives in stock with the dealer.
  7. Hi, I leased a car through a salary sacrifice scheme on a 3 year deal. The 3 years were up on 5 October 2021. I was asked to order a new car about 3 months ago or buy the car or send it back. I ordered a new one and got an email to say that the car would be arrive in time and it will now be next year (end of Jan) but I can keep the old car until the new one arrives. My mileage allowance is 15,000 over the 3 years and I am now on 14,240. The car company have said that once I have done the 15,000 miles, I will then be charged at 7.5pence for every mile. Now my issue is that should be new car have arrived on time, I would be entering into a new mileage allowance and not having to pay this 7.5p per mile. Where do I stand with this ? I am, of course still paying the monthly payment for the vehicle, again I am making at least 4 extra payments for a car that is over 3 years old. Thanks.
  8. I’ll leave it then and see what happens next. They are not giving up are they !
  9. Hi, I received the attached recently. It’s from Arrow Global. Basically saying that they’ve recently identified that unfortunately I haven’t always been given certain post contractual documents inc NODS. They would now like to remedy this. Do I need to do anything ? notice of court fees added to your debt under a NODS.pdf
  10. I’m struggling to upload it in a different format but basically, it’s a statement from Arrow in relation to my ‘running account credit agreement’ covering 1 Nov 19 to 31 Oct 20. Date of original agreement 15.8.06 Date assigned to Arrow 21.11.14 Just strange how I can’t recall ever having received a statement from them before now.
  11. Morning, Ive received this today. I can’t ever recall receiving anything from Arrow direct before statement.pdf
  12. Morning dx, This one ? well it's not unknown for DCA's to claim phantom payments. just don't ignore anything that comes from a court ref drydens raising an N244 for their clients to propose to lift the stay.
  13. Latest update. I have today received, from Drydens a letter which basically says pay the full amount of £921 within 14 days, so nothing and we’ll apply to court to have the stay lifted which will include an application for summary judgement, given the evidence which has now been provided to me in support of my claim or agree to a Tomlin order ! Oh and you’ve got 9 days to get back to us.
  14. Definitely never entered any DMP or IVA. No statement or anything, just that letter. Its just very bizarre that they have been very specific about a payment on 5 June 2014 but I’ve checked through the bank accounts and, nothing bar that one off panic payment I made when the first letter landed.
  15. I received a ton of statements and telephone recordings and all sorts from Lloyds last week and having gone through it all, I can’t see anything paid to M&S or Arrow. I’ve checked my 2 Lloyds accounts and nothing. My Barclays account is only 3 years old so it won’t be that. I’ve not heard anything from anyone since that letter. What should I do now ?
  16. Yes, I did check but I’ve got rid of the previous statements. I wanted to just triple check. I only had 2 accounts, both with Lloyd’s. One is still active which is the one I’ve checked and the other was closed so I’ve no access to this one online.
  17. I’ve checked one account and there’s nothing on that one. I’ve just ordered a statement from another account which is now closed so could be a couple of weeks before that arrives
  18. Thank you I’ve received a letter from Drysdens today..... I have replaced your jpeg with a pdf version, its not a good idea to post jpeg directly to a post. Only logged in registered Caggers can access a pdf, world & its dog can view a jpeg in a post. BN Dryden.pdf
  19. Well, I’m assuming it’s a stay - I’ve not actually had any further communication since 4 July which was the acknowledgement letter saying that the creditor has 28 days from the date my defence was filed. Surely I should have received something since 4 July ?
  20. Hi all, The case is stayed. Could the case be reopened again and does it go on my credit file ? Thanks
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