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  1. as already discussed its not, see the link to the FSA website. You have already had a response from HFC informing you that Currys / Dixons Group is responsible for the sale, which is correct.
  2. Single premium PPI is bad, it does not invalidate the agreement as the loan is still enforceable. It makes the full costs of the PPI undisclosed. However, post 2005 (i doubt in this case) there would be a demands and needs with a statement of price, if this is present it usually or should disclose the interest of the PPI and full costs of it.
  3. I had this arguement the same as this on a previous post, people just wont accept they are wrong. Well done roonaldo18. I googled and found the link too http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/consumerinformation/product_news/insurance/payment_protection_insurance_/ppi_changes/index.shtml
  4. Like I said, complain to who sold it to you. I had a look on money saving expert and theres a lot more information on there about Currys' ppi complaints. Send your complaint letter to DSG Retail Ltd. Maryland’s Avenue Hamel Hampstead Herts. HP2 7TG
  5. You are complaing about a ppi mis-sale. The sale was done by currys at their shop, so you complain to them not hfc.
  6. Like any insurance, premiums are not reclaimable, but can be refunded with interest if mis-sold to you.
  7. You can complain if you feel the ppi was mis-sold. As the debt collection agency didn't sell you ppi you complain to the company that sold it to you.
  8. You can never prove you were told you had to have it. It would not stand up.
  9. Yes, they have done nothing wrong, most accounts that advertise a rate of say 4 or 5% is usually only for 1 or 2 years. This is quite normal, to get the best out of your savings you need to move it around. Introductory rates are common throughout financial products, most prominent on savings, mortgages and credit cards. I can't imagine why fos would uphold your complaint from what you have said. Unless you have some documentary evidence that your higher rate was permanent. What made you believe that you were entitled to a higher rate indefinetely?
  10. Many have tried and failed, there's a lot of audit trail and less scope for mis-sale. How was it mis-sold? If its just a high rate then probably no hope.
  11. Firms are not required to keep records longer than 6 years. where is your copy? Its disputable whether the things you stated would increase the value. plastering and wiring would not increase value, personally I think its just maintenence. Lounge and bedrooms, not really, just more desirable. Extension yes.
  12. If it specifically points out that pre-existing medical conditions are not covered then this weakens the arguement as he was notified of this.
  13. it only says the life cover ceases at 70, the policy is meant for old people as its instead of ASU. I dont think it was mis-sold
  14. The documents posted on first page don't have ppi on them, are these what the complaint is about? please clarify
  15. You don't have to request a sar to make a complaint.
  16. They have 8 weeks to investigate, they send letters every 4 weeks.
  17. Info on fos jurisdiction is on their website, there are also contact numbers. Its not a fos failing. The op needs to confirm what the complaint is about, when and by sold by whom? But its obviously prior to 2005.
  18. Not necessarily, depends if the firm is under fos jurisdiction at the time of sale. There were many that were not prior to jan 14 2005. What firm was it and when was the sale?
  19. According to fsa's disp guidance. Its 6 years from the time of sale. 3 years from knowing there is something wrong, which ever is the longest. Sorry if this relates to something else.
  20. I think cannonfodder was referring to your remarks that you have given 2 firms 7 days to refund or you are taking them to court. First of all firms have 8 weeks to investigate complaints. Secondly,you need to write to the company that sold you the ppi. Which is loanmakers, and give them 8 weeks! Ge provided the lending and cardif pinnacle are the insurer.
  21. http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/factsheets/payment-protection-insurance.pdf how do I know which company is responsible? This largely depends on what your complaint is about. If your complaint involves a policy that you think may have been “mis-sold” – or involves a dispute about the refund of premiums – then you should normally get in touch first with the person who sold you the policy (for example, at the bank or building society where you took out the loan, mortgage or credit card that the policy covered).
  22. Yep your being thick! If you took out the ppi when it was refinanced in 2004 and been refunded all premiums and interest then you've had a correct refund. The 6 year thing is usually on credit cards.
  23. The commissions stuff is baloney. Since nov 04 all this is disclosed in kfi and mortgage offer. Mortgage ppi (particuly since 94) is harder to complain about as much tighter sales process with fact finds, idd's, kfi's and mortgage offers all displaying info about the insurance.
  24. Blue sky sold it and are responsible for the sale as the broker. First plus did not sell it.
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