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  1. My point is that the administrators have stated that I chose to receive a bridging pension which suggests that I would have been given an option not too. Whatever scheme I agreed at the time of my retirement, can the administrators enforce a ruling without providing a copy of the agreement signed by myself? If I have been receiving a bridging pension because of an administrative error then I quite agree that this should be repaid but do not want to suffer the penalties of now having to repay 4 x the amount of the bridging pension if I did not agree to this. All the original
  2. I decided to take early retirement in 1999 when I was unable to continue work in a rather demanding job because of ill health and have been in receipt of a company pension since that time. I have recently been told by the new administrators of my pension that part of my pension was a bridging pension that should have ended when I reached 65 in 2012 and consequently my pension has been reduced. I cannot recall agreeing to the bridging pension and do not believe I would have as the benefits are outweighed by the disadvantages. (I don’t need to go into too much detail but in short,
  3. I was passing a used car dealership and on a whim thought I would get a valuation on my present car against a used car on the forecourt. The dealer’s first trade in price was a little short of my expectations but eventually he upped the offer and I was persuaded that I could JUST afford the deal and left a £100 deposit. The following day, I contacted my insurance company to arrange the new cover and found to my horror that the premiums were a lot higher than I had envisaged and consequently could not afford to go ahead with the purchase. I contacted the dealer immediately, explained the prob
  4. Can anyone help with this query? I was given an early discharge from bankruptcy on 5th May 2010. (As my automatic discharge date was only 2 weeks later on May 19th 2010, I don't know why they bothered!!!) but my question is this; Should I have received form 6.82 from the court confirming that my affairs have been concluded. I have not received any official notification from the court and now that my records have been dropped from the Insolvency website, I have no way of confirming my discharge.
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