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  1. If you have a supply feed shop that sell's horse food aswell, you can get a sack of chop, get normal chop though, last time i bought it - it was around 6 quid, its more absorbent than straw and used to last me about 3 months, in summer i would do proper clean outs, but in winter i used to only scoop mainley the wee out, and do a full clean out about every 2 weeks, that was with 3 rabbits. jane
  2. This is a bit complicated so bear with me. My dad and mum was sold a motgage late 80's think it was, he was sold an intrest only mortage with endowment, 1994 my mum passed away, unbeknown to my dad the endowment policy was disolved, we dont kow why, whilst he was on holiday, he recived some money from them, at the time he thought it was to do with my mums death policy. Anyway hes never checked on the endowment, and thought it was still being paid - silly i know, over the mortage term, the mortage has been sold 3 times. Come to present day, 31st of august the mortage is up, he contacted the motgage company and asked if he could remortage and be put on to a repayment one - insted of the one he's on, the mortage is only £14, 400 round about, due to my dads age (65) i told him to put me and my brothers name on the mortgage, that way he would have had a better chance, due to us working, he spoke to someone there and was told that a £15000 remortage was not enough and he would have to take out more, because he would only recive a couple of hundred quid, so he aggreed and it was put up to £17000, they rang him back 2 days later and refused, in the mean time weve been trying to get a loan or another mortage, but have been coming up short - ive been on the phone to them today to ask for an extension(sp) to the mortage term, my dad has given them consent for me to deal with it, basicly they did refuse the remortage, becase he stated my dad had asked for extra on the mortage, and my dad had told them the extra he would use to get the central heating redone, i did tell him that he was told by someone at there company that he had to take out the extra, and that he didnt actualy want the extra and just the ammount of the mortage itself, they have asked for my dad to write a letter to them stating he wants a morgage extension,( they wouldnt even talk about it over the phone) and they would get back to us once they had recived the letter and bascily thought about it. Is there anything that we can do, my dad has been in this house for about 33 years, hes not got a clue about mortages at all, and didnt even know he could have changed the mortgage to a repayment or even payed more in to the mortage - im constantly stressed to the point of not sleeping properly trying to get this sorted. Jane
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