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  1. Hello every one This is the letter I sent, to my mind it is a great letter can any of you out there tell me were it failles. I have no doubt the problem only exists in my ignorance but now that I have started the war I feel it must be finished, Regards Magman MBNA Europe Bank Ltd Mr PO Box 1004 Chester Business Park
  2. Thanks again Harassed senior Your story sounds like mine except my medical problem although seriously debilitating was not life threatening. I know I am going on like a scratched record and this forum is great but my personal record was clean with no defaults until, I decided after reading what sounded like a really sharp letter to send this and see what happened, as part of this I with held payment as the account was in dispute some thing I was supposed to be able to do with out consequences, I now find the letter is just words and the trick is to tuff it out and Waite six years. If
  3. Thanks for the reply I feel I am listening but not hearing, or there seems to be an ear of sarcasm in the reply good luck with that I take it there is no point in reporting these breaches. Regards Magman
  4. Sorry folks me again What is a ppi and what can be claimed back from an incorrectly executed agreement. How do I calculate this, how would I go about a full and final settlement offer. Regards Magman
  5. Thanks every one your input is appreciated. I have sent the letter disputing the account and telling them that this account must be frozen until such time as they produce a proper agreement, that they must not report nonpayments wile this account is in dispute, I am sure you all know this has been ignored, the question I need to know is how do I go about reporting the breaches described in the letter disputing the dept. Regards Magman
  6. Hello Every one. I really need help with the next stage, I sent a letter to tell the card companies they are in default for not sending me a copy of the original agreement, only to be ignored. When I asked for suggestions from fellow members most every suggestion seems to be tuff it out for six years. I need to be pro active in this and need help to report and enforce my rights etc of course it would help if I new my rights? I used one of dpicks letter which reads great the problem is i need to know the next step / steps. Regards Magman
  7. Hellow every one I am new to all this and am going around this forum reading and pushing buttons so forgive me if I am not familuar with the rules. I have a question can some one help. After the time has lapsed and the agreement has not been supplied, a letter is sent to dispute the dept informing the card company that payments will be stopped and only resumed when they comply and send a copy of the agreement. The card comany continues sending letters and phone calls and starts reporting defaults, what can be done other than waite six years. Regards Magman
  8. Thanks harrassed senior. No these were not applied for on line and are 10 Years old. I was working at a trade show these companies were promoting cards, I filled out the forms but did not sign any, I dont sign anything at such shows nor do I buy any thing as this is always a dangerous situation to make any purchasing decision. It is a copy of this unsigned form which MBNA sent as the agreement. Citi card have sent nothing. Regards Magman
  9. Thanks dept4get If I read this correctely. The companies that every one on this forum write about, that can resolve such issues, the replys which say, you can do this your self are just so much hot air chattering? The truth is if the card company have a signed copy they will take you to court and win and if not destroy your rep 6 years later the case will be SB as simple as that. The letterrs etc are just hot air if I have understood correctly you just stop paying and tuf it out or keep paying and suffer? Regards Magman So I should just keep paying the minumum, sounds nas
  10. Expensive lesson but it is a lesson, if you take this to court win or lose, you will learn another expensive lesson. This will cost you far more than £50 to defend in court. Court unfortunately does not serve society the dudicery is self serving. Court is for rich men or last resort, if this can not be stopped with prior to court pay the fine, in this case your first loss will be your best loss. and you dont take this type of thing to court on principal unless you have a lot of monet to play with.
  11. Thanks harrassed senior. I am new to all this, I am trying to assertain the legal stance as to when intrest and charges can be reclaimed from the banks. Correct me if I am wrong, were an agreement is not properly executed can intrest and charges be reclaimed? If this is the case then the statement must be incorrect Following the same logic I did not sign the agreement, there for did not sign to accept the terms and conditions, nor did I sign any thing to allow them to pass on any personal information to a third party for any reason. Have I missunderstood this situation. How h
  12. Silverfox Really appreciate this reply. This is simply a query if there is no signed agreement. Does this not mean. MBNA & CITI's terms and conditions were never agreed? MBNA & CITI has no right to report personal information? MBNA & CITI have No right to apply intrest and charges? MBNA & CITI,s statement is incorrect? Do I have the right to dispute the account? How are these situations brought to an end? Should I just keep paying minimum payment? Regards Magman
  13. Thanks maroondevo52 How do I get there? The problem with being a newbe. I suppose I mean were are you moving this to. Regards Magman
  14. I have used one of dpick's letters to ask both citi card and MBNA to cease using my information and zero my account alst that I wished to put the account in dispute, as neither sent me the origional signed contract. since then I have received phone calls and letters threatening to report defaults on the accounts so I suppose the question is does any one know what to do next. all advice gratefullu received
  15. hi dpick I have used your letters to ask both citi card and mbna to cease using my information and zero my accounr as neither sent me the origional signed contract. since then I have received phone calls and letters threatening to report defaults on the accounts so I suppose the question is what do I do next have you any further letters.
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