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  1. No, not barclays. Probably white labelled but it seems to be in house.
  2. How would I know mariner? The direct debit has been in place since the beginning?
  3. This seems like a bizarre situation. I have purchased furniture from a large chain and used their in house credit. The agreement has been running for 10 months, 24 in total. There has been problems with the goods, sadly they have needed to replace and repair a number of times. I have received a notice that the agreement will be terminated if I do not keep my account up to date and immediately pay 3 months of payments. I have checked online banking, all payments are up to date and the direct debit is live. No previous letters and no returned payments. I am worried about my credit score, not sure how a big company can get it so wrong! Is there anyone like the FCA that will help me here? I am, going to write, not telephone with a recorded letter to point out the error, but it feels like it’s gone really far.
  4. I am posting on behalf of a neighbour, not sure if anyone can help here as its beyond me. Husband and wife window company, based at home. They were both working in the business until 3 years ago. Sadly their youngest child was born very ill and she was doing less and less and less work. They claimed carers allowance and took on a part time bookkeeper. The wife hours were reduced and the wages dropped to reflect this. Last year, the accountant upped her wages to be above the threshold and for 10 months they have been claiming illegally. They were not aware of this as the accountant doesn't send weekly wage slips and the wage is more of an entry into the books rather than an actual sum paid into an account each week/month. The accountant has told them that he knew about the benefits and forgot. He refuses to put this in writing! As a layman it seems that they are very naive, trusted an accountant and landed themselves in hot water without going out to defraud the system. Anyone have any advice and able to recommend a specialist solicitor?
  5. I have received 2 threats today from AA. They want £600 from me are continuing to force me to pay. This seems highly unfair as they told me it would be 8 weeks before they could investigate. How can I put this on hold until they can at least sort out their own investigation?
  6. Thanks for your help. Yes, I am actually paying by 12 monthly instalments, the first one jan 17. It was cheaper to go with someone else, so I called aa to cancel my existing policy. I was advised that I could pay up front now or let the last 2 payments run. In hindsight, I dont think it was cancelled. I have asked for transcripts in my complaint but this can take weeks. What do you mean by "start instructing"?
  7. The story continues. They took 3 months worth of payments £76 from my credit card on Monday (assume this is a card that I first used to setup the account). An absolute shambles of a company.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but a default sum showing on your account doesnt look good?
  9. Received a standard email in response to my letter. Not good enough really as they are threatening to trash my credit file and there is no mention of any action being put on hold.
  10. hi mariner. I moved in november and I paid for 12 months of redirection (iirc it was £40 for 6 months or £60 for 12).
  11. The story comes to an end. They paid on the 5th and collected the car on the 6th. If anyone is looking for a used car, it is back up for sale https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201804045230552
  12. Many thanks Ethel and dx. I will use this to drafted a letter to them. There are a few similar but older threads on here with no conclusion. I will keep this up to date. What is amusing is that they called me at 7pm on Friday 29th from the number 01614958179 and tried to sell me a load of services. Clearly a broken organisation who would take action against someone for supposed bad debt and try to sell more to them at the same time!
  13. To put it another way, they auto renewed another years house insurance for a property I no longer live at in February but were unable to take a payment as the DD was cancelled. Presumably thy sent out a letter a few weeks in advance, but this didnt get redirected and so the first I knew of the problem was a threatogram. As far as I knew, it was cancelled. As far as they concerned I have failed to keep up payments.
  14. I think they have marked my file or are at least threatening to do so if I dont pay some charges. I could understand it it I tried to cancel within the 12 months and hadn't paid all of the monthly instalments, but this is different. They are looking at their records, its not really in their commercial interests to help me. Is there any action I can take?
  15. I signed up to AA home insurance February 2017. I paid circa £120 up front for the year. I moved house in November 2017. It was cheaper to go with someone else, so I called aa to cancel my existing policy and also cancelled my dd. It seems that they tried to auto renew me in february and failed to take an annual payment. I have post redirection but didnt receive any notification of this. I have now received a default notice and a request for monies. After speaking to their customer service manager they have promised to review their records to see if I did call or not. I cannot prove that I did as my phone doesnt go that far back. I am sure they have very clever t&c's but do I have a leg to stand on?
  16. Thanks for the advice. The amount is circa £5500, they have until next friday (30th). No paper work received as yet.
  17. Just when I thought it would all be simple! The money wasnt paid monday morning as promised. Yesterday, the old chap received several phone calls from the garage. They told him they decided that they wish to inspect the car again before they decide if they will pay or not. They had already requested this in court. The judge said that they could not. I have now recieved this email: We have telephoned the number given to us by Mr XXXX (XXXXXXXXXX) today for contact Despite Mr XXXX answering the phone, he denied it was him. The phone is now not answering. We would like to make an appointment to view the car so that payment can be arranged. Please could you inform us of a convenient time and date within the next seven days; we would require Mr XXXX to be present. I am tempted to respond asking them not to harras an old man (who isnt dealing with this well) and remind them that high court enforcement action will commence on the 20th. Any thoughts please?
  18. We won! tldr It wasnt easy and most stressful. First of all we arrived at 930 in good time for 10am and was told to wait in a side room. At 1015 we were told that the judge was running late and would need to wait until at least 11. Finally get into the room at bout 1110, us one side, judge in the middle and arthur daley on the other side. I handed a copy of the email to the judge and explained that the defence statements were delivered late in an incorrect format and that 2 of the 3 witnesses were not present. The judge was very rude and said that we had not filed a statement and so had no choice but to file in favour of the defendant. I had a copy of proof of postage, copy of recorded delivery, the name and signature of the court admin person who had signed for the statement (15 days before) and a copy of the statement. The judge reluctantly accepted this, but even though the court had clearly lost my papers and I should not have been blamed for this. The defendant was quite agressive, blamed europe for stupid laws and said that my great uncle was at fault for not allowing them to patch up the car. Eventually the judge ruled in our favour and the defendant tuned his chair to have his back to the judge and muttered to himself. The judge awarded us a full refund, costs (aa report, my wages) but refused to allow us compound interest. The reason for this is that we had not shared the AA report with the garage (as advised to the old chap by citizens advice). I will come back later and do a more detailed guide as I would like to help others who have problems with a car. Much appreciation to all who have helped here.
  19. Hello, all. Preparing for the big day (Friday). We have paid out court fees and sent witness statements recorded post to court and the defendant, it arrived 15 days before the court date. The defendant has sent a witness statement, which arrived only 8 days before. Am I correct that this is too late?
  20. To answer the question, I spoke to the court and they allowed me to make a payment for the fees. If the defendant has contact the court before I did, they would have had no choice but to strike it out. I paid the fees and sent a witness statement that arrived 15 days before the case. Today we have received a defence (in the wrong format) which they claim to have sent previously. This could get interesting.
  21. He brought a car from a used dealer. Car was a dud, repaired 4 times and multiple faults. The AA did a report which said it was unroad worthy. Case was allocated to small claims track at local court, but I am worried that he has missed the payment.
  22. I am helping an elderly relative (91) with a court claim. Wer are getting the witness statement ready as there are only 3 weeks until the court date. He received a letter in december and should have paid his hearing fee in february. Its new to me, but I think the court will strike out the claim. He is unsure if he paid it, if he has not what is the worst case?
  23. Thank you. I fully expect to receive further court papers next month, will update as and when.
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