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  1. SUCCESS!!! Of sorts! Received Judgement order on Saturday - Accepted my offered monthly payment and also based on the lower figure - basically less the PPI plus interest figure - Therefore what do I do know - accept and have a CCJ? Or contest further??? Why did they have to go all the way to CCJ to accept my offer??? I still have a FOS complaint at early stages about all of this, I think I will push for CCJ to be removed on basis that they didnt need to this? Any help greatly received as I havn't received any in ages!
  2. Have sent Allocation Questionnaire back and requested a month stay to try and resolve this with Incasso. I have written to them again asking them to accept my offer and also AGAIN point out this acount is in dispute due to PPI misselling. On that note I have chased Tesco for update on this complaint, but suspect nothing is being done as RBS are waiting on further info from the courts re PPI - if that is the case then surely any court action against me is not going to happen as I dispute the PPI charge plus interest??? Please anyone give me some advice.
  3. I also complained about PPI misselling as I had ticked yes to Cardholder Protection Insurance on the original application form. They have sent me a letter advising I have never been charged for this and the matter is closed. How much should I believe this - I assume I wil have to accept it as why would they lie - they havent sent any proof with the letter that shows why this has never been charged! Any ideas?
  4. More advice please - following my defence I have now received an allocation questionnaire to complete - all seems very straightforward - any hints/tips on what to do from this point? I will confirm I want to resolve this matter without a court hearing (as I have always requested) if this IS FINALLY accepted by Tesco do I still get a CCJ against my name or not as I have settled without going to Court. Any help on this is appreciated - need to reply before 1st November. THX
  5. A bit late now, I have had to respond running out of time and work issues means I wouldnt of had time to wait longer for replies here. - I have disputed the amount charged for PPI on basis of complaint and reduced what they are claiming accordingly. I have not counterclaimed but my PPi complaint is still being dealt with by Tesco so hopefully it will continue to be looked into.
  6. Anymore advise on this - time is running out for me and I need to do something. Can I just accept the debt in total and try and get an acceptable monthly payment plan in place by the courts (which is what I want) and continue to dispute my PPI charges and hope if I win that they will take that off the o/s debt - however if I accept the full amount am I saying that I accept the PPI charges as well and have no recourse to continue to claim for PPI?? What shall I do?
  7. Thanks for the help Silverfox, any advise from anyone is greatly received!
  8. Yes it is for a loan - does the POC suggest its a account then? I will read your links. What should I do next then - acknowledge on the basis that I will dispute?? I have already signed up to the Northampton Website so I will do it that way for speed. Still not sure what to do, I am happy to dispute on the basis that I am complaining about PPI cover and should I then take the whole PPI figure from the o/s amount they claim?? However from other PPI info I have read I could be entitled to more then just the original PPI charge (+8%). So how can I correctly work out what I could
  9. The particulars of claim states: The Claimants claim relates to outstanding bank accounts maintained by the Defendant with the Claimant as follows: Sortcode - my sortcode and acc no Net Amount - my o/s balance including PPI cover The claimant is the holder of a licence under the C C A 1974. The claimant has made demand/issued default notice in respect of the outstanding accounts. The defendant has failed to repay and/or the default notice has not been complied with. The total amount outstanding set out above includes accrued interest at the relevant agreement rate (contractual
  10. Thank you. What POC details do you require? I cant scan on the info but can type it all out if thats helpful?
  11. HELP!! Returned home today to see Incasso on behalf of Tesco have issued me with a CCJ form! After feeling sick for about 20 mins - what had I done to deserve them being so harsh on me, I got real and really want to sort this out properly. Advice PLEASE URGENTLY. As it stands I currently have a complaint into Tesco with regards to PPI miselling I cant believe they issued papers against me with this o/s. I am thinking of using this as my defence on basis that I cant agree to the debt they state! I am also going to complain to the FOS about Tesco/Triton/Incasso due to their
  12. Thanks will try and photograph them that way! Great idea. Thanks MobyT
  13. Thanks for the reply, might have problems scanning it on but wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of response from Co Op? How can a copy of a Application form be proof that a debt is enforceable?
  14. I CCA'd requested CO OP and today received a copy of my application form signed and dated by me from 1997, I cant scan on at the moment but it is a simple application form and not what I consider a copy of CCA, their letter suggests it is. Anyone else had similar, whats the common view? Is what they said good enough to enforce? It has no details of APR charges or anything, however it does confirm I ticked yes to PPI - I didnt know I was paying that - my statement never shows I am paying towards that, I guess I should now look to claim back PPI? (I know how to do this). Are there
  15. thanks for the advice - the CCA I have on here is my copy that I had since 2003, the copy they sent me was a photocopy of their version with my signature and theirs - I just posted my good version as theirs being photocopied was hard to read once scanned. Do they still need to send me the original document?? Note your comments re PPI I will pursue that I have done calcs form via on line search -linked backed to a guy on here and potentally could wipe £6k off my £10k o/s but not sure I have done it right so could be much more! Thanks
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