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  1. Ok, so I emailed the Orange Response team on this website and can I say, what a useless task that was. They couldnt help and just gave me the same usless information asking I call customer servies. Ive written to them several times and theyve not replied. Just dont know what to do. Liz.
  2. Afternoon all, Ill try to make this as simple as possible in the hope that someone might be able to help. My Orange contract was about to expire and to cancel the contract I had to do so in writing, sadly I failed to sign this letter. Orange wrote back to me saying they needed the letter signing for their records. I signed and sent immediately. I didn’t here anything back so thought this was the end of the matter. This was all done well within the last month of the contract. All of a sudden I started receiving invoices and statements claiming monies, no break down, just amounts
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