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  1. I'll call them tomorrow thank you will update when they tell me more
  2. Last thing I got was to pay in full anout 6 months ago contacted and told not to worry then Lowell kept calling me to pay them
  3. I've received a ccj notice for Lowell for jd Williams I've got the usual 14 days to respond, my only thing is I have currently have a jd Williams account! Amount they taking me to court for is 616 from 2013, my current account is up to date and is £150 but in credit. It's says Lowell purchased the debt in 2014 I'm worried now as I've just put credit rating well
  4. Sent email just awaiting a response, only training cost signed which we have a copy is to say, if attend a training course then it's paid back, but did not attend a training course. Just awaiting a response. Thank you
  5. No money is owed, it was normal training like any new job, and it certainly didn't cost £100.
  6. had a wage slip sent on 7/6 showing im getting 208 on the 12/6, then on the 9/6 had another wage slip showing they deducted training cost of 100 so only getting 108 on the 12/6. Ive emailed them as this is below the minimum wage for the hours worked.
  7. I've be only been there since 17/05 less then a week and yeah we did, but didn't expect as much have been doingand was told possible work near home. We just can't justify paying that much in travel
  8. Ok not received no wages and won't till June , I'm Not expecting of them, but there whole attitude is horrible. I offered to work closer to home for costs, but nothing. I've not responded to last email.
  9. I started a new job on 17/05/17 and for this week of 4 shifts it has cost me over £80 in fuel, which was not expected, so i gave notice that i would not be continuing the employment, due to the costs, the response i got was will you work your 1 weeks notice as per contract. I responded that i shall not be doing 1 weeks notice due to costs and we can not afford this. The response from them is i will talk to our compliance department and get back to you regarding contracts etc. Im still technically in training as they want me on certain areas I've never worked and would need training on. the contract states that only if they terminate the employment would 1 weeks notice be given. 1.2 - the first 6 months of your employment shall be a probationary period and your employment may be terminated during this period at any time on one week's prior notice. we may, at our discretion, extend this period for up to a further 6 months. During this probationary period your performance and suitability for continued employment will be monitored. at the end of your probationary period you will be informed in writing if you have successfully completed your probationary period. then in section 8 8.1 After successful completion of the probationary period referred to in clause 1.2 (above), the prior written notice required from you or the company to terminate your employment shall be one calendar month. on direct gov website it says that only 1 weeks notice is needed after working there for 1 month.
  10. environmental health are involved and so far they just keep sending demands to landlord. Housing association is aware but still in band f and won't give reason why
  11. No deposit just 8 weeks rent up front. No gas certificate in 3 years. I'm gonna go offices on Monday to see what they can do, as they took us of there list. All rent is paid and up to date as I know not paying it makes us intentionally homeless.
  12. We have been putting pressure on them, as one of our children has a disability, we are looking to relocate, but we have to think of the schools and partners job, we're they want to put us, would not be ideal for school or getting to work. we are trying to private rent too.
  13. Do I have any right to a notice though, I don't want baliffs turning up turfing us out
  14. Unfortunately that is the case unless I want to live outside this area, shelter tried to help but they said unless we willing on relocating there is not much they can do.
  15. We have no lease as the original estate agents went so landlord took back over and we got a letter saying we are taking back over on house and will call round to sign a new agreement, that's was 4 years ago. Not heard from him since, I doubt he will do any repairs at all as window collapses and he did nowt we had to repair, kitchen flooded nothing, lost appliances etc, toilet leaked I had to pay. A plumber
  16. Monday, landlord texts me asks me to call him, I do and get told that someone from his mortgage company, he said they do this every so often and that my house along with 2 others were picked, so i said they can call Friday. Friday, a gentleman turns up and asks if im aware as to who he is and why he is there, i told him what landlord said, and he said not really and explains he working for a company that the mortgage lenders have hired to come and look at the house he shows me ID and tell me the company DMS. I let him in, I've no reason not to, he says he has to take pictures of the property to see if the landlord has done anything to it, im fine with that as in the 5 years being here he has done nothing, lucky had proof which he took and the environmental health report, he took pictures and then he explained that he knows the mortgage will not be happy that he has not carried out any work to the house since buying and that a lot of work is needed, he told us to prepare for the worse. Im devastated as we have been trying for a few years to move house in the area, but no luck, and the local housing association and council said a court order must be given before they will do anything to help us. Any advice would be really grateful, im on edge now, we have changed the locks 1st thing we did, a nd have CCTV on the house.
  17. Hi guys sorry to ad to this, but I got the response of the orbital debt the SAR! Only 3 years late but we have made no payments what do ever! As they couldn't probe who owned it ! Now demanding payment, the accounts do not show in noddle credit file, but will check others, I'm fuming! No contact since 2014 then this! Hand written too!!
  18. Purchased a corner sofa and a 2 seat sofa out of a friends avcount and pay them for it. A few weeks after the 2 seat sofa, the back collapsed in on itself, and a cushion has plastic piping unit that stuck out and a staple popped out of the arm, this was reported and an inspector came out on 7th feb and said that repaired needed doing and would get a report. A month later nothing! And it's getting worse, the 2 seat is not used as I don't think it should be with back broken. Other cushions are starting to split showing plastic piping, so out friend rang back up and very had no idea apparently but then found it and said I would get a call in 2 weeks. Get call to say someone coming out on 31st march to fix it l, today arrives to be told they fixing it in my home and it a 2 hour job! Really really not happy, feel so uncomfortable with a stranger spending so long in my home ripping the furniture apart. I just want this furniture gone! It's a nightmare, I'm constantly having to rearrange the corner part as the cushions just don't stay on! I detest it now! I've tried speaking to very but won't speak to me as it my friends account (I understand this) but every time I try to explain they hang up! Any ideas as to what I can do paying £700 for something broke and I can't use and I detest it now
  19. I use to work for DPD, started on 11/11/16 on training for 3 days then on my own on the 4th, (did work on the weekend) on Thursday I had it off due to an appointment I could not miss, they were made aware. On each day I was told when I was next in, Wednesday and no one said anything, so Thursday I tried emailing on server all occasions as I do not have contact numbers for anyone. No response, tried again and again no answer! I took it they no longer wanted me. No wages had been paid so I contacted them and again no answer, so decided HR who had no record of me! Decided to paste hr and the general manager of the site I had been working at into one email asking for my final wages. The email I sent was: Dear sirs, I am emailing in regards to wages owed. I'm requesting they are paid by 2nd December 2016 in to the following account; Account detail given. Failure to do so will leave me with no option but to go to an employment tribunal. A response!! Telling me they had no bank details and I had failed to turn up to work and that I had not served notice to them apparently I just left! I'm not happy with this, I have the emails to show I emailed the general manager 3-4 times with bank account details and asking when next in and to contact me. I got another message saying wages in by Friday. I log onto an old account which we are not using due to being overdrawn and look today they paid wages in to there!! I can't get access to the wages as account over drawn by 447 and was paid 266, so still overdrawn! Not impressed if they apparently did not have my bank details how did they get this account! It's not even the same bank!! I'm livid! Ive rent to pay etc and can't even get the money! Do not work for DPD LIVERPOOL!
  20. My account is overdrawn because if there fees, I've tried asking under hardship for the money back but they refuse, my problem is my partners ca goes in tomorrowvajd my wages Tuesday and we need that money to pay gas and electric n food, when I've told bank they've said there is nothing they can do I've gone to a new bank as this is not the 1 st time this has happened last time we had to go without
  21. Yes, but they refuse to, they say DWP told them on 11/01 it stopped but didn't tell them till 30/03 that it was reinstated so they not at fault
  22. They never contacted us at all, I questioned why so long, they say the DWP didn't tell them till 30/03.
  23. On Jan 11, my Partners Carer's allowance was stopped, and they informed housing benefit of this but same day it restarted. We have no idea that he had been stopped and that housing new of this, my issue is I have now received a bill for 189 for rent and 79 in council tax for last year, I questioned this and was told that because the benefit was stopped but restarts they were not aware till 30/03 that this had happened. I made clear that I was not aware either! As we had still been receipt of Carer's it never stopped for us! My dilemma is I now have to pay this money, but I don't have it my hours have been dropped to 16 a week
  24. A Health and Welfare assessment was carried out on the 18th March 2016 and as part of this the application was reviewed and it was noted that in April 2015 the applicant had declared that they owed rent arrears from a former tenancy at , which ended on 08.01.12. I have investigated the three rent accounts for this property and would advise you that there are former tenant arrears amounting to £3163.61. These amounts are made up of rent arrears of £1662.51, property recharges of £1401.00 and court costs of £100.00. I am aware that Miss & Mr were in dispute over the rechargeable arrears however payments were made on the rent arrears account as recently as January 2015. Cont/……….. Section 3.2.4 of the current Property Pool Plus policy states; 3.2.4 Housing related debt Housing related debts owed to a landlord equivalent to 8 weeks gross rent or greater will lead to a new or already registered application being disqualified from the Scheme. The application will be disqualified until such time as the applicant can provide evidence of having adhered to a repayment plan for a minimum of 52 weeks or having reduced the debt to below the equivalent of 8 weeks gross rent. In order to become eligible to register on the scheme Miss & Mr will be required to reduce the outstanding debt to below 8 weeks gross rent (£669.04) or make a repayment plan and adhere to payments for 52 weeks. They will then be awarded a Band F (reduced preference) priority. Alternatively if they reduce the outstanding amount to below (£334.52) and they will be awarded a band award dependent on their circumstances at that time, at which point we would carry out a further Health & Welfare assessment. The response, thing is I refuse to pay the 1401 as they won't give a breakdown as to what it's for! I've asked and asked it nothing, I was paying £10 pw till they demanded more
  25. No missed payments, We left HA as we got offered a house near family, with an a child with ASD and both of us working full time at the time it was a huge help. We are fully upto date with current landlord didn't pay a deposit just 8 weeks rent in advance . All the landlord has done is measure Windows 2 weeks ago! EVH says the kitchen is in urgent need of repair! We asked HA, why now but they won't give a reason just tell me I can go back on the list in a year
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