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  1. They didn't clamp today as I proved him wrong and then he said if don't pay etc will call out and clamp during week
  2. I'm in a state of panic now, the car is vital at moment. He just gave me his name and said to call them tomorrow or he will be out to clamp it again I'm just filling in forms now for the time order
  3. Yeah he just turned up and said he clamping the car, he hasn't as I've moved up neighbours drive way, but what if had clamped it I'm nervous now he gonna call back out, gonna go my local county court to see if can get help with fees
  4. a little update i managed to clear the arrears and the default notice on the 30/06/2017 was the last one received, that was cleared, I have not heard from them since and have been paying as much as i can a week till i start work on the 20/10/2017, I have on several occasion tried to sort this out but no luck, I'm trying to get the money together to do a time order but it is £250 so i was informed which is a lot to us at the moment. today a guy called at the house at 15.20 and said he had called twice and left cards etc, i asked him dates and times as we have cctv he told me wednesday at 4pm and friday at 4pm but as said to him, please hold while i check my cctv, he then looked lost and confused and even my landlord who has been doing work on the house was here friday I've just spoke to said he had seen no one come to the door and nothing has been left and after checking cctv no one had called round. Ive been left a notice of termination from 2/10/17 and this i clearly stated was wrong as i had not received any default notices from them and can not do a termination. Any advice been told i have to call them at 8am to stop him coming back and clamping the car
  5. yeah thats my plan now, im now without any more till it sorted as not paid by new job till october 31st! not happy
  6. I'm awaiting a tax credits manager to call me back and have had to ask all payments to be suspended till sorted! I've documents and the calls to prove it there error, and they admit it but still won't change account without me writing g it and can take 21 days. I've got the money as FOS involved they sorted, I'm now battling tax credits, thanks guys
  7. Yeah fos involved, they helping, tax credits were told of a new account in November then the joint details in July they have even admitted that because it's working tax that the system didnt update that section!! Even though the call log you can hear me say it's for all tax credits.
  8. the account was frozen tax credits sent it to an old account that we have not used since last april, they admitted mistake, theres an overdrawn balance but their fees, i cleared it all before not using it they charged me £28 for being overdrawn for 1 day then kept adding their fees on top. it is in dispute.
  9. for what ever reason tax credits have messed up big time! they have put 800 in to my old bank account which is closed and has been for a long time, as it is overdrawn, im on phone to Halifiax to sort and all im getting is well it will pay the debt off! Ive made it clear this can not happen as it is my rent money, and is needed ASAP! they have said now they cant find my account! Ive spoke to tax credits and all i get is well it will be returned if not used!! help!! best thing is they just said set up a payment plan or we keep the money
  10. Had a letter today saying Lowell are dropping the case, they enclosed a copy of the document they sent to courts to stop proceedings and to drop the matter
  11. I've just noticed so will email, also noticed post was collected huge relieve!
  12. I can't log into moneyclaim! I know password is correct will have to call them tomorrow
  13. thank you, i can rearrange delivery for tuesday but im presuming courts will collect post ill call them tomorrow hopefully sorted
  14. just checked status of delivery and they attempted to deliver on a saturday! when i made clear i wanted monday and even over paid for it to be a certain day! please tell me the courts have a post person who collects from royal mail! im fuming!!
  15. Got a response to either defend or mediation shall do it all today as due by 31st July will send 1st class recorded, and then get my witness statement done, so i send that with the document? Unfortunately it was lost in post got it in a royal mail bag saying sorry your post was damaged, ill get all the tick boxes done and sent asap thank you
  16. Gonna issue time order, I just don't trust them, got told that uts oy guidelines and 215 a week with 497 on 31st. And that I'm not trusted as I'm now out of work, explained part we back in work and they said so it's in ur name not his
  17. Ive just drafted this up to send to them tomorrow. In regard to the above finance, I'm writing to ask that I'm given time to clear the arrears as my partner has just returned to work and have faced financial hardship over the last few weeks, I'm offering £180 a week to clear the arrears but will make the monthly payments as normal when due. I have received a default notice, but as per the guidelines from consumer credit act, a default is issued after 3 - 6 missed payments, but yet I have received the default after only 2 missed payments if you cannot agree to the payments I have offered above I shall have no other option but to issue time order of the account.
  18. Because it a was direct debit I never saw their bank details I've now got their details but they still want £559 by tomorrow or enforcing default notice, I'm drafting a letter to them to say they can't issue default as not 3 months behind
  19. Nope all I have is the form u see with my bank details on it, did was cancelled as I changed banks and missed 1st payment and they wouldn't set back up
  20. They refuse to give me the details to do via bank! But I want my £2 charges back I think that's disgusting they get away with it
  21. That's a very interesting read, so shouldn't have had the default notice as not 3 months in arrears so on Tuesday when I call to make payment I won't say nothing, but I will be sending a lovely letter to say about the cca rules
  22. No nothing Scrap that I may, I'll look in bill cupboard when home checked cupboard and nothing but default notice was issued on the actually date second payment was due didn't even give 1-2 day le-way
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