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  1. hi went CAB they said not much can be done because it is, on Hire Purchase. They have told us we can see a solcitor to try and arrange other finical stuff but this is the biggest one we have, We were told by the Job centre to give up the car because it costing too much. I have done a finical statement and worked out that i pay £156.62 pcm to them at the moment and this is the biggest bill we have, I explained to the CAB that we have paid over one third of the agreement and that all we wanted was the amount to be reduced to £10 a week a much more better figure, she then told us that paying one third dose not matter because if they take it court the judge is mst likely to give it to them as we not keeping up with contract payments. I have been paying the £35 a week then stoppped due to benefits stopping and then paid £10 and going to be paying £10 per week, but im now worried they will go further to try and take car of us, we have told them that this is until our circumstances get better, but they won't listen. What is a Time order? will this be able to help us? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP
  2. true, but with our car, when we got it the handbrake was one of the recalls, and the suspension was knockin so we took it to a vauxhall garage (and we have not had our car from new) they did the handbrake n the suspension n gave us a half price full service for the trouble. We knw the new insiginas have loads of problems but what car is perfect! If the car is looked after well, then you will get your moneys worth, our only problem is the clip on the bottom of te exhaust keeps brakeing due to a desgin fault but it cheap to repair, we use a garage that is part of the 'good garage scheme'. Thoe vauxhall are not, but they are always more expensive so the garage we use only uses vauxhall parts so we know it good!
  3. me and my partner own a vectra 04plate sxi and love her to bits, is running and looked after very well. My partner is a massive vauxhall fan along with my 5 and 3 year old children, we have models of the cars and old history of the cars too. I recomended vauxhall to my family and my dad got the corsa and loves it loads that he lookin at gettin my mum one.
  4. me and my partner have brought from these in the past, there prices online are always cheaper they told us this after we noticed the car we went for was also cheaper online. The sales bloke said that because we noticed the online price we can buy it at that price, if you got screenshots of the car at the lower price take it in, and see what happens. Im no professional in this but this is from a personal experience with them
  5. thank you, cant wait to see cab i got to make another £80 payment this week which i can not, so wont hopeing the cab can get it reduced till my partner back in work. Thank you
  6. thank you for replying, we now going cab because they never write to us only to issue default notices. they always ring but have not done in a while. They sent out a company called towerhall solutions to talk about it, they came out at 10.55pm we did not answer the door. They now want 80 next week then 40 every week after so we going to cab to see if we can get this reduced
  7. Hi, guys my partner has a car off close motor fiance. In febuary 2010 we missed 1 months payment this is due to my partner being made redunant, we contacted close motor and made half the payment for that month (monthy payment is £139.97 we paid £70) we then cancelled the direct debit and asked them to send a standing order form to set up weekly payments, we did not recieve this so in march they went for the DD again but it never got paid, i made a direct bank payment at my local RBS for £35 and a credit card payment of £40 in march i again asked for the standing order form, i made a payment again on the 24/3 for £40 the following dates are the payments we have made all from my bank, 30/03 = £40 06/04 = £40 13/04 = £40 20/04 = £40 27/04 = £40 04/05 = £40 11/05 = £40 18/05 = £29.41 this is because i rang to ask if payments can be reduced because we are stuffing on benefits and with havin 3 children and expecting a 4 in october 2010 is was a strain on us they said ok but then wanted £35 a week. 25/05 = £35 01/06 = £35 15/06 = £35 22/06 = £35 29/06 = £35 06/07 = £35 13/07 = £35 27/07 = £35 The weeks 02/08 , 10/08 i was unable to pay anythin because the benefits changed and we couldnt make payment on the 18/08 i paid £10 and reset up the standing order for weekly payment on the 24/08 for £35 a week, This seems a lot to pay a week for us at the moment, but we do it because we do not want to lose the car, we have had the contract since 16/05/2008 and since Febuary 2010 everymonth we have had defualt notices sent to us charging £30 a go!! everytime i ring and ask about them they tell me to ignore them and the charges are not going on, but i feel they are going on. Last nite 18/08/10 at 22.55pm i got a letter thru the door from a company called Towerhall Solutions and when i rang them, they said it was close motor trying to find out why we hadnt contacted them!, i have spoken to several members of staff of theirs over last few weeks and explained things. They also have our mobile numbers so could have rang us! Im now worried they will take the car of us, the default notice for 28/07/2010 says the total amount under agreement is £7713.56 total amount paid by the customer up to date of giving this notice is £4353.81. in the contract under repossession your rights is states if we have paid one third of the agreement which is £2571.19, they can not repossess the car. But when speakin to the woman at towehill at 11pm she said to hand it back to them i am not stupid i said we have paid well over the one third and are making payments but some weeks can be a big struggle and explained we due in 7 weeks 4 days and she just said they mite demand the full amount of arrears or go to court to get the car! WE are scared now as i can prove all the payments we have made and the fact the standing order has been reset back up for the £35 a week which is still to much for us but they refuse to go any lower, on the 5/08/10 i got a card from them sayin amount in arrears if £140.41 but i have made a £10 payment on the 18/08/10 and reset up the standing order of £35. I am sorry for ranting on it just a big matter for us as we need the car and just want to get rid of close motor now causeing us too much hassell:(
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