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  1. I work casual hours, and my partner claims income support to top up the wages, some weeks I don't work. Over the last 12 weeks I've worked out that my average wage is £40.15, I did this by adding all my wages together and dividing by 12, hopefully this is right. I have sent my wage slips in. We are told that only entitled to £42.20 a week, we went on turntous and this told us we should get £53.45 per week, but have been told this is wrong as they only disregard the first £10 for couples, but we were told £20 last time as my partner is a carer, any ideas please i'm lost and looked it up and told loads of different things, and they just saying its £42.20, and to top it off they suspended it as they didn't request the wage slips an forgot to ask for them (even though we send them every 6 weeks)
  2. ok thank you, ive sent it all off to the council hopefully answers soon, ive never seen one on a house before! been looking at houses while out and about and nothing! just not looking forward to the landlords response now looking for a new home. Thanks guys
  3. They left the instructions in the box and has mass installation on them it’s wired to my electric! And it’s no good my partner on EE. And lost signal! Went from full bars to 1.
  4. Sorry my spelling not perfect! I’ve turned the electric off to the loft ! Landlord refuses to respond to any of my questions. Council have been involved before but we got told last time he would kick us out! I’m gonna contact council in Monday and hopefully sort it ASAP
  5. my landlord texted saying he wanted access to the loft as was wanting to fit an Ariel, I was ok with this and have prove that he said it will help prove my tv reception. today arrives and fits the "Ariel" well what can i say its 100% not an ariel and it is an telephone mass for EE from sigfox! Im fuming as it is plugged into my electric and I've contacted my landord for answers and nothing! what damage is this gonna do to the health of my family the house is already falling to pieces the electric needs rewiring, the windows need to be double glazed or the rotten wood replaced, the shower is broken, the guttering is hanging and yet this! Im at my wits end, any advise please guys.
  6. Wedding is not till 2019 and verbal nothing either I’ve emails of me requesting full amounts of what is needed to be paid etc, and of me asking for contracts and no response.
  7. Paid deposit for our wedding in 2016 for this year but for reasons out of our control we have had to cancel the wedding, here is the odd bit, we never got a signed contract, it has been changed over time to make it cheaper and never got a full price! Now I’ve cancelled it they refuse to give deposit back we’re do we stand please?
  8. Ive another thread about car finance with Specialist motor finance and they took the car on 31/10/2017, today i got an email saying i still owe £7679.96 Ive requested a break down of what that is, because im working out that it is not that much, on the last default notice says: balance outstanding 14,234.24 less allowable rebate 5720.32 total amount to be paid 8513.92 when i work out the car sold in auction for 5642.00 and im under impression because on default notice it states we shall allow credit to the Balance outstanding (i) for the statutory rebate calculated on the balance outstanding at the time of the actual payment by you and (ii) if we have taken possession of the goods and sold them, for the amount equal to the net sale proceeds received by us after deduction of the costs of repossession and sale. (above amounts are on the default) i must be miss understanding the information if so, i can not afford to pay them anything as we do not have anything! the email says if i do not respond by 23/01 then they will start litigation process which will put my personal assets at risk with enforcement proceedings. im trying to get through to national debt line to help but no luck so far.
  9. well they took it on 31st October! claim default notice was still liable! sold car on 30 november for £5642 and to deal with 4point financial services, ive now involved the finical ombudsman services.
  10. I will get on to this now thank you, they have already started to take the money nearly £60 was missing from last payment when I called that's what they told me (above)
  11. We are currently not working anymore get income support for a social fund (£75) from 6 years ago they are claiming 16.98 per week, and for a payment up front (62) 11per week this works out as 27.98 per week, this will cripple us taking that much from the benefits, and when I've asked them to look again they say you can't appeal against it
  12. Thank you I will contact shelter tomorrow, just feel worn down with it all out in a claim for a become support and signed everything last Monday and the office I signed at only sent the forms Friday and the office that should have received it has not and told to call Friday to see if they have it.
  13. It's not as easy as letting the car go as it's essential to us but if they try again I will be letting them, we have not heard from them since this
  14. I don't get What you meant above, yes I've had cars in past and had advice on here in regards to them but I have posted all agreements here to show everything. The default notice was paid on time and since then a payment has been missed and a person tried to clamp car without notice etc. I just don't know what you want me to explain
  15. The other cars have gone as had payment boxes on them, this car was got when I was working full time till employment ended partners job started this year then ended September this year. default notice was paid within time frame no other notices received, then someone comes out telling me taking car away.
  16. My job ended in September but I've not received my p45 after explaining to council they have bank statements and still say no, I've tried to get my p45 of employee but they didn't report me as a leaver till October so won't get p45 till novemeber. My landlord obviously wants his rent and I'm struggling to pay it each week as job centre sent my income support claim late, I'm devastated as we may now potentially be given an eviction notice. Any advice as to what we can do ? Thanks
  17. No recent default just the one dated30/06. Which they have admitted has been paid and on time. Yes it's on file but again default for 30/06 but no update since. They have also told me they will accept part payment but I must pay more then I can afford.
  18. True, may just look into that option I'll get all my paperwork together and go from there
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