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  1. Hi not sure how to start a new post wondering if someone could advise....flew with a low budget airline in June to Italy, luggage was lost for the entire weeks holiday, returned home constantly phoned airline, still not found 21 days passed which according to Montreal convention is the time limit for when an item goes from delayed to being lost!!! So I assumed this case would not be found, went out and purchased new items I.e hair straighteners, camera, cosmetics and clothes constantly contacted airline to ask them to confirm in writing my luggage was lost so I could begin my insurance claim.
  2. sorry I am unable to start a new thread...if someone could move this for me that would be great. I asked for a CCA under section 77 of the consumer act. The company in question sent me a copy, advising it was the true copy. I have checked it and the address was incorrect ( i have since moved and advised of my new address) My new addres is the one on the copy of the agreement they sent. I complained and advised them that this could not be the original version i signed and now they have sent a letter apologising with a true copy of the original advising they are legally entitled to send this as
  3. Thanks for your advise with this after lots of persistent emailing I have finally got the default removed ( no compensation though - but I'm happy enough) can't thank you enough just a couple of ccj to go now. Would u be able to advise the best way of getting a ccj set aside I dispute part charges and the default notice didn't give me 14 days to pay would this be good enough grounds to be set aside?
  4. Thanks Cairo but would the fact that the default notice was issued incorrectly and the fact I dispute part of the charges be enough to set this aside if so how would I word it to include legal jargon
  5. I didnt tick any I didn't even know I had Form until it was to late so didn't return it or acknowledge it if I was to complete a n244 on the basis of disputing part charges and an incorrect default notice would it be set aside on this basis
  6. Thanks so 2006 would an invalid default notice be good enough grounds to get a ccj set aside?
  7. The loan agreement which they have sent is for one mth 26/03/2010 to be paid on 22/04/2010 duration of agreement maximum 29days this agreement hadn't electronic signed name and address with a date of June 2010
  8. The loan was taken out in march Apparently of which I'm waiting for a bank statement to prove this coz I actually believe I took a 100 out in jan and they rolled it over for 3 mths I was upto my eyeballs in it last yr as got married and things got out of hand ccj was sent on 9th July I wasn't aware I had it until after the time scale as I was so busy n stressed at the time I threw my post to one side to prevent even more stress.... Wrong n stupid I know but have opened my eyes now and am sorting out all my debts and really need to get my ccj removed so I can get a mortgage
  9. Please help I need to get a ccj set aside and don't know where to start the ccj is for £278 original loan was 150 + 1 mth int at 36 totaling 186 the other charges are 31.00 for contact 15.00 declined payment attempts 20.00 issue of default notice and a further 36.00 for another mths interest I have apparently paid 35.00 the final 25.00 is for court charge. I never received a default so asked for a copy they sent this advised it was issued by 2nd class post on the 14th may ( this is the date on top of it) the payby date is the 28th so 14 days in total given as appossed to 14 + 4 for delivery wo
  10. When did this change to 14 days could someone please advise?
  11. Hi, I asked for a copy of my default notice and they states that they issued it on the 14th by 2nd class the date on the default is the 14th giving 14 days to pay it stating payment to be made by the 28th is this valid as it isn't 14 days from when I supposedly recieved it but 14 days from when they apparently sent it
  12. Still working on it trying to work out what there actual charges are broken down as. Their website stipulates no hidden charges but obviously not the case
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