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  1. How are Cameron & Clegg preparing our young people for the future?
  2. Just a reminder and for those who don't know, The ConDem protest song against the cuts, "Liar Liar" by Captain Ska is on sale to download as of yesterday.Download by Saturday to count towards Number One for Christmas. Available for 79p from iTunes,tesco,emusic, napster and other download outlets, listed on link. Proceeds to charity Disability Alliance, housing charity Crisis, Womens Health Matters and False Economy. "]www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQFwxw57NBI Twitter campaign now on to get to Number One: search.twitter.com/search?offset_recent_...p e=recent&rpp=20 I
  3. Congratulations and well done! Proud of you for taking a giant step by attending the Tribunal
  4. When you say you signed on before, when was it? How long ago and for how long were you claiming?
  5. Did you take the name of the person or people you spoke to? If so, ask to speak to the Centre Manager and make a complaint. I take it that if there is no money in your account tomorrow, that you will be ringing JCP to find out. If you are told again that they do not understand why you have not been paid ask them to look in the Jobseeker Allowance Payment System (Jsaps). If you are told that they will ring you in 3 hours and nobody calls. Remember to take the persons name and ring him/her back. Then politely but directly ask him/her to explain to you their (JCP) customer charter. G
  6. Hi Hadenough I hope you don't mind me giving you this advice but to minimise reprisal, I would keep your letter short, sweet and to the point. The reason for this is that having read the above i.e. the word for word account, it would appear that this Nurse has chosen her words carefully to avoid recrimination. See below "Anxiety and depression, under care of XXX mental health team for counselling and taking anti-depressants". Here she has stated a fact which is to your advantage. Attended examination centre alone and walked 90 mins to get there. (How far away do you li
  7. Hi John You might find the following link helpful too! http://www.nhs.uk/CarersDirect/moneyandlegal/carersbenefits/Pages/CarersAllowance.aspx
  8. Hi Hadenough, Since my last post, I have given your letter much thought. I agree you should write and challenge the Nurse who from what you have written has made assumptions about you that aren’t based on any evidence. I would also check his/her wording in your letter with regards to you attending the examination alone and taking 90 minutes to walk there. Is he/she stereotyping you? He/she might be in breach of the DDA 1995 extended in 2005 e.g. Disabled people portrayed as being unable to function in home lives, family life, employment, social lives without the help and support of no
  9. Hi Hadenough It is good that you have written your thoughts on paper but please give yourself time to evaluate and think this through rationally. You have written some excellent valid points but in your anger you have contradicted yourself i.e. "Even if I had someone to come with me I would have refused, I expected a thorough mental examination so wouldn‘t have wanted anyone close to me to know just how bad I was/am" and "I have managed to do this with the help of my brother, ex-girlfriend. " I had similar paperwork sent to my son prior to a DLA Tribunal where a DWP Decision Maker t
  10. Good news! Benefit received following some confusion their end.
  11. Did you take the name of the person who tried to force you to complete the form there and then? They were quite within their right to issue you with an ES195RE in person but you also had the right to take the form away with you, complete and return within 7 days. If I were you I would write a letter of complaint to the Jobcentre Manager and pp it to your MP. Don't bother complaining using the DWP1018 form, it doesn't have as much clout as a letter clearly showing you have copied your MP.
  12. Gosh you learn something new everyday. Just goes to show what lousy training I had whilst employed at the Jobcentre. Greer, when an Officer takes Refusing Employment Action (RE) they have to issue you with an ES195REJP form i.e. Dear _____ A doubt has arisen on your claim for Jobseeker's Allowance as it appears that you may have refused an offer of employment/training opportunity. etc, etc. You were notified of an employment/training opportunity with ________________ on ______________ which you refused/failed to apply for/failed to accept. etc etc. It goes on to state Before I
  13. Oh banksarggg, as stated by catkin, loop and tina above, you did many things today that you should be proud of! Now put your feet up and get some sleep as you must be shattered. If there is anything I can do to help you prepare for the home visit, you just have to ask. I am new to this site so am unsure how you go about emailing me. I do have some experience of these visits and other experience which might be of assistance to you xx
  14. Hi Struggling, I hope you don't mind me making suggestions but if I were you I would speak to CAB, Welfare Rights or a Community Legal Advice team. I would also go back to see your MP and update him. Best wishes
  15. Sorry to hear about the problems you have been experiencing with JCP. Unfortunately, due to their track record of employing casual staff and poor training they regularly give out incorrect information. The RITY starts with the first Sunday in January and ends with the last Saturday before the first Sunday of the following year i.e. Sunday 6 Jan 2008 - Saturday 3 Jan 2009, Sunday 4 Jan 2009 - Saturday 2 Jan 2010. Hope this makes sense! I have also found the following which might be of further help to you. Contribution based job seekers allowance There are two main contri
  16. Hi Fluffs I have just remembered that in October 2009 ND25+, NDYP, ND50+ etc was replaced by the Flexible New Deal. Unfortunately, I don't know how this works with regards to linking.
  17. Hi Crazy Collies Please see my post above. In answer to your question, "has ANYONE with existing ESA Income Related in the Support Group had to have a review after around 14 Months of receiving ESA?". My son who is in the Limited Capability for Work group has just had a review after 12 months. We only knew this had happened when he received no money. I rang DWP to find out why he had not received his benefit. Three hours later they rang to say the money would be in his account that day. They apologised saying that on review his money shouldn't have been stopped. To the contrary the
  18. I was wondering why you appealed. When JSA is stopped, they are suppossed to inform you of your right to a reconsideration.
  19. Catkin, please ensure that someone from your family or a friend who knows how your condition affects you accompanies you to the medical. Do you have someone who can drive you to the medical rather than use public transport? Sometimes it takes a friend or family member who is able to remain calm but has a no nonsense direct approach and says it as it is. This is particularly important when you have a medical examiner such as the one doktorjohn describes above i.e. the Smiling Assassin. Ask your friend or family to familiarise themselves with your medical notes IB50 etc. This is also a good
  20. Did you take the name of the person who advised you that ATOS cannot do a home visit? ATOS can and have made home visits following a GP's recommendation. The failing to attend a medical form you describe above is used by a decision maker to determine whether or not they should stop your benefit.
  21. Thank you reallymadwoman, you have confirmed what I had suspected.
  22. Unfortunately, unless the rules have changed since May 09, I am sorry but the answer to your question is yes.
  23. Please be careful when cancelling ATOS medicals as DWP can stop benefit without warning. My cousin who suffers with depression, had this done to her after the second cancellation. Her benefit was reinstated after her GP wrote a letter confirming that she was ill. Despite the letter, ATOS still sent out another appointment. In view of your state of mind and the agrophobia, ask your GP to write a letter, requesting ATOS make a reasonable adjustment by conducting a medical at your home. Ensure you have someone with you when ATOS calls to conduct the medical. Get the person to ask the D
  24. Hi Struggling You might find some help in the following link http://cashalerts.co.uk/2010/04/advisor-discretion-fund/ Also bear in mind that the Adviser will look at how many security jobs there are on offer in your area. Print off as many as you can to strengthen your case. Also get as many letters from security companies stating that they would consider employing you if you had the license renewed. If they still refuse you after this then take your evidence to your local MP and complain. Oh, one last thing, if JCP say you have reached stage 4 (unemployed for a year)
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