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  1. Applyed for dla last March . had adviser help me with the forms as i have RA in my hands so writing that huge file is a nitemare .. waiting never heard a thing so after 5 months rang and was told they have not recieved the forms .. so lucky enough the lady had copyed them so we re sent them , rang up spoke to a man who kept on about my daughter who gets dla he said oh yes i can see it ,.... Now again they say they have not got anything and want me to re apply for the third time .. fuming is not the word.. any advice would be welcome as i am becoming really upset about the hole thing ..
  2. good luck , i will be thinking of you today xxx
  3. Ok back again .... just been notified by Equifax that lowells have deleted my account summary now i have to click i think for it to be ok and taken off ? So do i click delete?:???:sorry sound thick just making sure i am not making my self known to them again and this is them going away ? many thanks as always ........... cat x
  4. good luck ,, think its case of dont comment! unless your in the persons shoes!!!! xxx
  5. Your family do not have to put anything in writting , get legal advice asap .. i hope that your ok cat xx
  6. hi thats what happened to me read my posts !.. think lowell must be selling them on to them because bhc sent me the exact same letter after that was there was a going to send a door collector letter which i have just dealt with . my debt is also near or is sb ... cat x
  7. Have to wait and see guys , dont think they will roll over and give up this quick lol cat x
  8. omg a reply already !!!!! saying they are removing my telelephone number from my account ? didnt no they had it . plus i will receive no more calls from them concerning this accouint . please do not hasitate to contact them , nothing about coming to my house lets hope they got the message big time as i really dont need the stress of that as well many thanks as always cat x
  9. Hi just to let you all no i sent the doorstop collection letter by recorded delivery it arrived there yest , so watch this space i guess ? thanks as always ...... cat x
  10. Have to agree about legal advice , it may cost couple hundred but it will help you in the long wrong .... you dont have to plea this time and your lawyer will ask for more time and that shouldnt be a prob .... take care xx
  11. good god no lol am one them dizzy blondes that does not keep stuff for yrs ! ... so what shall i do ignore or now ? many thanks again cat x
  12. hi well i have looked at my credit report it says start date was 28 / 05/ 1998 date last delinquent ( that ever that means ? ) 06 / 05 default date 06/06/05 also says updated 30/04/07 ? what does that mean ? would that be when lowells bought the debt ?so any ideas guys ? there are not marks for any payments . cheers thanks again .. catx
  13. well its creation and i dont think i have paid them in 7 yrs ... almost sure on that ... have re read the letter it says they no option other then to proceed with a debt investigation officer , if i thought it was a bluff i stay silent as per norm ?have you also got the cca letter just incase we think thats best route ? many thanks cat x
  14. well i just dont want some guy turning up at my door in truth , i have ignored them never resonded to any of the letters , so do i just ignore or will they send someone to my house ? just i really dont want my daughter or mself to feel threatened .. i am quite sure when i looked at my credit file it would be may 2011 sb . hmmm may be i should have another look ? any advise would be great thanks again cat x
  15. buchanancclarck+wells There back this time with Legal notification . we regret to note your outstanding debt with lowel remains owing and due .You were informed in our prevous correspndence of the potenional impending court action . As a failure to contact us and agree a resolution of this long standing matter we must advise you that we are left with no opiton to proceed with a (in massive black writing ) PERSONAL VISIT BY DEP INVESTIGATION OFFICER to you home address . to avoid this please make payment or contact etc . now i have a long term ill child i really dont want some body turning
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