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  1. hello starting to do my claim for my lil bro who is owed around a grand. where is the best place to send my first request for the money, cheers carlie
  2. cheers peed orf think I need it! carlie:D
  3. And I thought Halifax took a long time to get my statements to me:p Keep bugging them and I am sure they will arrive. They must be pretty overloaded by now and rightly so. Hope they arrive super speedy for you. Good luck. carlie:D
  4. Well Today I am finally sending off the sar for numpty my little brother, has taken in 2 months to give me a tenner so I can. I thinks he's owed about a grand:-o and is still getting charges added on at the momment. I have already taken on Walifax, sorry I mean Halifax and won:D , but realise this one isn't going to be quite as straight forward, so hope you guys are willing to help:oops: if I need any . Wish me luck carlie
  5. Survey done and a donation will be winging it's way to you as soon as the money appeares in my account. Thanks again carlie
  6. Thankyou both for taking the time out to respond. I have contacted shelter to see if they can help me in any way. carlie
  7. Good luck Don't worry yourself too much If I can do it any one can:D . Just stick to your guns and to the right procedures and you wont have any problems. Carlie
  8. Good luck Shouldn't take long for you to get your money now, I only filed mcol a week ago and received a letter this morning that the money will be in my bank in the next 5 days. Blinking royal mail are useless:mad: also had to chase them up at one point about mine, which was miraclously(sp) found. Carlie
  9. Well like the post before says read the faqs, but what you need to do is take them to court, Most of us have used money claim. Good luck carlie
  10. Well done lokks like we are finally getting our revenge.:o carlie
  11. We did complain at the state of the place on the first day and also had an inspector out to view what we were talking about, but like I said very little was done. I know I have left ot late, but my depression has been really bad for the last year and I am only now begining to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks carlie
  12. Hi I moved into this property now 6 months ago, but due to depression have only just got round to sorting this place out properly. When we moved in the place was disgusting it stank of tabacco and we couldn't put the heating on as the tar and tabacco build up was in between the radiators and impossible to clean off. Here is the list of problems we had and mostly still have Radiators (resolved) Lounge Glass cracked in window Kitchen Work sufaces stained grouting stained florr tiles cracked and broken also different colors patches stained ceiling -just plain hurrendous - r
  13. As far as I am aware your account is in dispute so they are unable to do this, I would have a look about and see what you can find out on this. carlie
  14. Hi First of all good for you taking on this horrid horrid company, they have put my poor mum through hell for years and for the 6 months the only balance she has been paying is that of charges. I will be watcing you thread closely as I would love her to get her charges back. Good LUCK carlie
  15. Celebrations have started in the carlieanna household . What can I say I should be receiving my full amount in the next 5 working days. A Huge thankyou to you guys on this site and martin from moneysavingexpert.com, who bought this isue to my eyes. I will be popping a donation to you as soon as I receive the pennies. hugs carlie
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