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  1. Thats unfortunately the suspicion we have king. uncle believes although no will, that he knows the deceased wishes which did not include my wife.
  2. uncles solicitor has now been in touch asking my wife to revoke her entitlement to the estate ( probably awful wording). She would like to refuse this and also advise that she would like, alongside her brother, deal with the estate and also requires any information on the estate that the uncle currently holds . Could someone help us word this please? Speaking to the uncle it is their request that any information is requested in this fashion sounds odd but currently we don't even have a death cert / address
  3. thanks all for your guidance on this! very much appreciated!! so this is a better option than any legal letters to force disclosure from my Uncle in law ( if that's a term)
  4. Ok so we can submit credit requests on the FIL, any ideas how? Didn't realise that. I am sure they will oblige with the house keys etc. It's the accounts which would be the ones to "slip their mind". So all accounts ( savings accounts etc) show on a credit report...pardon my ignorance.
  5. I was wondering if some kinds souls could offer some direction. My wife's father ( who has been estranged for approx. 20 years ) has passed away. She has bee informed by her Uncle that there is no will so it falls to my wife and her brother as beneficiaries. Her Uncle asked if he could be executor of the estate and gone as far as to assign a solicitor. On contact by the solicitor to see if my wife agrees to this, she said no. My wife and brother in law would like to be executor. The fear is that the Uncle will not take kindly to this and may be ...obstructive. How would be best to ensure we obtain all relevant accounts ( there are a few by all accounts) and keys to the property. We are looking to instruct a solicitor to handle but firstly want to get a ball park figure as to the estate size. Any guidance / thoughts appreciated!
  6. Hi All find the above quite interesting. Anyone have any linkys?
  7. ok firstly I did look around for already existing advice. If it is already here I apologise, Its cos I am an idiot and not just lazy So the claim forms have started hitting welcome mats around the country. What is the conventional thinking regarding section B "Why you want to be considered for compensation" ? Should the choices spelt out in the letter be the only reasons quoted or do Caggers suggest additional arguments too?
  8. Identical to mine. The follow up letter mentions theis... I think. Oft were VERY. Interested to hear about that £1 cca being misconstrued .
  9. I bet the payment made says £1 right? There is a follow up SB letter in the library . Also, 100 % contact Oft
  10. Ok well I can't pm ya but he's more than interested in any details you have.
  11. spoken to OFT today and given my verbal statement and agreed to attend any adjudication if required ( unlikely). Advised OFT that there may be more cases here and he is more than happy to have any information channelled through him. Was very interested to hear from Caggers and our well kept recording keeping PM me for contact details..unless people think it is better posted here
  12. I have been emailing a member there today: if anyone wants contact details to ensure a coordinated response PM me.. Guess that's best idea
  13. ok have had reply from OFT, very keen to have all my info on this case. packaged up and sent
  14. SB letter sent..again. sent across via email to David Fisher at OFT too. Seems to be the correct email address, I got his oOo saying he is not in until Monday
  15. superb! should they still be chasing anything at all then?? I have my old contact at ltocal OFT. just wondered if a better one, nearer to this case for example
  16. Thanks , will email them now, did have a contact somewhere. is there anyone in particular dealing with the mind to revoke I should contact? I am right though yeh? Saying a CCA payment restarts clock is a big NoNo
  17. update, had a letter from turner rutherford saying they note i havent kept to agreed payment plan..showing the CCA payment of £1 as payment made towards this account Guess they reckon thats their statute "get out"... oh dear.
  18. Thats what I am half expecting. sending the Statute barred letter for now...unless anyone thinks another plan is better?
  19. Worth sending the Sb letter I guess but jeeesus /-) is this a new ploy of theirs? They tend to go in cycles
  20. Lol it's Xmas but even so! Ha ha. Seems odd. Now almost 7 years old. Ppi claim was successful n now this. As much as anything wanted to highlight that tr now taking hfo work on
  21. Further update.... And to be fair one I wasn't expecting got a letter from turnbull Rutherford saying they are instructed by their client to hfo capital ltd to collect the outstanding debt which remains unpaid!!!
  22. Hi! Quick question with maybe a quick answer. I had a CC with citi in 2006. Apart from acc I have no info , cca or statements. What's the chances of a claim on CRP?
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