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  1. What should i do now then. The case manager - who was quite polite by the way more or less said thats it and that we have no recourse. He was adamant the first letter she sent (not the statute barred letter) was aknowledgement). Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. :!:Hello again, After sending the statute barred letter we have today recieved a 2 page letter from a united utillities. I have also spoken to the case manager who is dealing with the dispute. He claims that the original letter my partner sent disputing the amount is classed as 'aknowledgement' of the debt. The original letter contained a document detailing the termination of her tenancy agreement. She also stated in the letter ''as you can see from the enclosed infomation i vacated the property this bill relates to on 08/08/05'' Is this classed as aknowledge
  3. So in in all your opinions i should send the statute barred letter to discount all the amount incurred before Sept 04? How do i word letter / approach this bearing in mind she may be liable for the amount inccured after this date? Thanks for all your help
  4. She doesnt recall paying a final bill upon leaving the property (im pretty sure she didnt) and UU claim that her last payment was made sometime in 2001. She vacated the property 8th August 2005. She informed UU that she had left on this date after the initial letter demanding £1600 by sending a document stating the date of the termination of her tenancy agreement from the housing association she was with. UU have agreed to freeze the account for 2 weeks. Is there any way i can freeze the account further whilst i wait for the SAR to be processed and sent back? Is it worth simply
  5. Turns out most of the 1600 quid was from tenants who have lived in the property the bill relates to failing to pay the subsequent bill after my Partner vacated her previous address. UU have however sent a revised bill claiming (she still disputes this) there is still £724 on the account for which she is liable. The bill is broken down exactly as stated below..... Bill date 8 September 2010 Summary Amount due on bill > sent on 24 Feb 04 £666.05 Outstanding balance brought forward
  6. Thanks for the help folks. Ill post the outcome of this on here in case it helps anyone else.
  7. Hi all, this is my first post on this forum so a quick hello to you all. My partner has today recieved a letter from a company called '1st Credit' claiming my partner owes United Utilities £1663.50. She hasn't lived at the property for around 5 years 3 months and refutes that she actually owes UU this amount. After reading these forums i believe that the first step in defending against this demand is to send a CCA (a letter requesting infomation/evidence regarding the debt) to the company (1st direct). Do i need to also send this letter to UU? Is this the correct action to take?
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