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  1. thank you very much silverfox i will read them and will take it up with store manager/head office customer services
  2. hi all i purchased an esystem laptop from currys swindon on the 24th aug 2009 all was fine until a month ago when it suddenly stopped working i thought it was the charger as i could not get it to stay on after getting a second hand charger still no joy so i took it to an independant computer technichian and he has said it is the motherboard that has stopped working contacted currys customer services who basically replied that they can book it in for repair but it is going to cost for the parts and labour i was not prepared to do that and informed them that was not good enough and
  3. Can any body advise please i have had a broadband account with primus and have requested the mac code to switch providers,i have phoned and e-mailed my request but due to the fact my account is suspended that they cannot agree to my request can they do this advice please
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