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  1. it is, PDO - 8 Queens Avenue, Muswell HillRaglan Hotel - 8-10 Queens Avenue, Muswell Hill!
  2. have u googled the hotel to see if its same address?
  3. he has one called sexy payday, i have seen others too! I have had a nightmare with this man, he emails general emails to a BCC mailing list threatening court action (have u never noticed the email is to himself) he tried to tell me he had a court order against me for 2k which he didnt, after pursual the court action was for £400, he tried to bully and harrass me into paying back 2k but I wouldnt stand for it, I have endless email trails of me trying to make an agreement of repayment plan with him and to no success, he is a shame to the human race and should not be able to hold a job never mind own a company.
  4. thanks, they have lonks to the credit services association on their site and I have raised a complaint with them as reading the code of practise they are not allowed to behave how they have been, I refuse to speak to anyone until my complaint is replied to I actually feel physically sick at the moment
  5. HiI took out a loan with Mobile Quid which has been passed to these people, they are continually harrassing me at work and when I say I cannot speak as I am in work they then start saying I sound none too bothered an they are gong to ring and speak to my manager!1) how are the legally allowed to speak to my manager about my personal finances?2) what can I do to stop them calling work I feel physically ill everytime the phone goes and the harrassment is making me sick.
  6. I would cancel the card ASAP and do not ever give payday loan companies your details they will always do this! I had a problem similar to this Barclas have a policy of not refunding debit card payments to finance companies until they have investigated because of the amount of problems they have with people saying they dont owe the money so they refund it and then the company provides proof they were entitled to it.
  7. I have checked with Money Claim online, they applied for a judgement but it has never been granted against me, big fat load of lies. I have put in a defence against it on the grounds I tried on numerous occasions to come to a repayment agreement with them and they refused to co-operate and tried to bully and harrass me into agreeing to pay them back over £1000 by saying they would take me to court, lets see what happens now.
  8. these r an absolute nightmare to deal with, i get harrassed with phone calls saying they ring work because I wont contact them, i have emailed on numerous occasions saying I am willing to work out a repayment play once they quote a reasonable amount but I will not come to any agreement by phone and will only communicate by email so I have an audit trail, they do not seem to like this as they tail off for a while then it starts again, ie emails saying im in default and havent contacted them.
  9. just received an email saying I owe them £1010 yeah ok, told them the most I will pay is loan plus 1 month interest or they can take me to court and ill fight them all the way, I highly doubt a court would issue a judgement for that much from a £250 loan, I am actually relishing a fight now with them as I have emails of them offering me loans to this day even nthough they know I am in difficulty and an email encouraging people to take out payday loans. I am still waiting to see a copy of this alleged judgement against me, I will have to find the paper I received saying they were attempting a judgement and call the court,
  10. Now they are accusing me of playing a game because I am asking for this information, JOKE is an understatement!
  11. All I received were papers that they were applying for a judgement, I keep receiving random emails though one saying they r going for a judgement tomorrow then others saying they r going for an attatchment Monday but as I say these are all generic emails no personal rference to me and look as though they have been sent to an address list. This is why I have asked for a copy of the judgement with the amount on before I agree to any payment plan. I borrowed money last yr in June I think it was about £250 I think,
  12. I get harrassed with these texts ALL day they wreck my head I am forever replying stop but it just doesnt do anything, sometimes I even get not able to send to them !!!
  13. Has anyone dealt this company?> Gotta be one of the most rude, obnoxious companies I have come across so far. I defaulted a while back and heard nothing until I started getting generic emails from the so called manager saying I was about to have court proceeding issued etc, thing is the email was not just sent to me as there was no direct reference to myself and the to field was blank am assuming there were a number of people BCC into the email, I received court papers a couple of weeks ago but nothing since, then today I get a phone call (after he spent 5 mns being extremely rude to a colleague asking my managers name, HR dept address etc) informing me he has a court order and is about to issue an attatchment to my work. I have agreed to repay £50 per month on the basis that 1 I receive written confirmation of the agreement, and 2 their account details are provided as I will only make payment to them they are not having any of my details. I have also requested a copy of the court judgement he is said to have as its funny I have not received a judgement. I want to know where I stand on them calling work and harrassing colleagus and also if I am correct in stating that only a court can contact my work regarding an attatchment of earnings not the company themselves? I think this looks like a last attempt to bully people into paying up by a desperate company!
  14. I have the same issues with this company, I am refusing to pay a penny until they calculate a reasonable amout of what I owe them, not £1000 for a £250 loan 3 months ago its dam ridiculous! I have had all the same threats, they were rude and abnoxious to people in my office so I told them i would report them for threatening behaviour. They can contact my HR if they like seeing thats me I doubt they are going to get V far!
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