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  1. hmm no..i dont really kn abou all this... i juts want help to write up a letter
  2. yes,i mean i know i was at fault but i had no other option at all...i simply could not tell this person to move from his place. and i didnt stop right in middle of bus stop ..i stopped at the far end (bent end) and buses could easily stop . (well i was stopped for 20sec )
  3. Hi, I am a student aged 21years old. This coming septemeber i will start my last year of my 3 years undergraduation course. Unfortunatly I am in a very poor financial situation and I cannot afford my fee. I have already applied for student gov loan but I am not sure if i will get it as I am considered as a EU student and not Uk.( i am not eligible for mainteance loan either) Even If i do get sufficient loan for my tuition fee,I am left with no sources to pay my travel and other expenses. My parents cannot afford anyhting to help me at all. Is their any sort of benefit I can apply to in roder to get some help with my maintenance. I am trying to look for a weekend job but find it difficult to get one. Please help. I really do not know how I will join my uni if i dont sort out my finance. Many thanks
  4. yes vulnarable person. But my english written skills are really bad and i dont know how to formulate my request to them. can someone give me a template ..
  5. it was the bus stop/Stand at barking station I do not know how to post pictures but if you look on google view(of barking,Ig11 station) its the bus stop next to pdsa,i made sure i stopped right at the end of of the long bus stop so I do not disturb any buses.
  6. Hi, I was working in an estate agency . One day , a sales person from my local borough came to my office in order to promote an advertisment opportunity in the local borough street map. I was interested but I told the gentleman that I would advertise for the new company I was about to open myself in two months. He agreed with the conditions and took my personal details for the meantine and he was supposed to give me a call back and take the relevant informations that i wanted to print on the street map. Two months later,I reveive the printed street maps along wiht an invoice, al when I look up for the ad, it was all my personal details were printed. It included my home address,my cell phone number,my personal email address,and my home phone number along with the old agency company name and their fax number. I was furious to see this! First of all the ad made no sense since all the informations were mixed up and secondly, my personal data were printed like this and now are in reach of the whole community of my local borough. I was shocked to know the council itself could make such a huge mistake. I have been receiving so many calls on my phone (both cell and home) ,my email id is full of spams. Now that they are asking for the invoice payment,I wrote them a letter to complain about the situation and recently they wrote back to me saying they refuse my complain and still expect the payment. The reason they give me was that I was suppoised to call them in roder to tell them the infromation I wanted to be printed on the ad,they said they called at home and no one anser and plus they said they send many fax at my old agency! Why would they send fax there when i specifically had told them I will not be there anymore. They finish the letter by stating that since they had no reply from me,they printed my personal data!! I still cannot beleive they did that just for the sake of an ad and some hundred pounds.I mean the council prefered to print my personal details rather than cancelleing the ad. I called them when i recieved their letter and still stand by saying they did nothing wrong. I dont understand why they dont realize the gravity of their mistake . I work with my clients personal data,I know how careful i have to be with their details ,any mistake and I can be sued for data protection leakage. Please help to reply back to them with strong words so this issue is for once and for all finished. I will not pay for this ad .Period. I want them to realize their mistake ,and compasate me for the damages it did to my personal life ( compensation is just to scare them off,I dont want it lol) Many Thanks.
  7. Hi, I received a PCN because I was stopped on a restricted bus stop. I received the letter by the council with the cctv images. Actually I had to pick up a family member who suffers from some sort of mental disorder. Since he was waiting for me at the bus stop (the only place he can confidently recognise) I had to stop at the end of the long bus stand in roder to allow him in the car. I want to get this PCN cancelled since I feel it was very unfair .but I do not know how to write a letter to the council. Please someone help me !!!!!!!!!! I have only few days left to appeal. Many Thanks !
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