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  1. Its not clever speak, it is misleading which is a criminal offence to intentionally mislead to gain ...Fraud act 2006 I know people can be pressured into giving bank details, even desperate..but read the forums there are hundreds of people they have scammed...now not every one is stupid....they are mislead, I have spoken off the record to people who have worked there and you would not believe some of the stories.... They are given scripts to read, but any slight deviation is deliberately misleading people..like i say is a criminal offence everyone email me your dealings with these con men and i will had them to my growing file to present in court
  2. So they have scammed you then???? You have put money into there pocket by calling them, they have had 1 month interest on your money then pay you £5 less... They state in their T & C's that they keep your card and bank details, so why let them get away with keeping your money, they can put it back into your account straight away. There sale agent lied to me, and they have refused to give me a recording of the conversation I had with him ( which I am legally entitles to) I have sent 3 recorded delivery letters asking for this and I stated I am willing to pay a £10 fee (which is the maximum they can charge). still no tape even though the letters have all been signed for. Guess what I open a court claim and they respond within 3 days. If your willing to lose your money and be lied to that's fine...But I for one am not !!
  3. I am in the process of a court hearing with this company. I am putting a file together which a great deal of people have sent/emailed me statements of their dealing with Yes loans. These files are to be presented along side my claim in a court of law,. Please email me your accounts of this company. The file is getting thicker by the day. email me at : ref2403@live.com
  4. Adrian you can request a copy of your conversation. They are legally bound to give you this, they will probably charge you £10 for it, but you can then use this in a court of law
  5. I have registered a small claims court order against YES loans and today have received a reply from the court stating that Yes loads intend to defend all of my claim. This is great as I can now have my day in court with them. I am putting together a file of peoples dealings with this company so that I present this to the court along with my claim I would be grateful if you could email me your experiences with YES loans The more people email me the stronger the case will be and hopefully stop others from been misled email me at ref2403@live.com
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