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  1. Hi Guys, JUst want to know, does a formal warning for fare evasion issued by tfl (summons wasn't issued &case didn't get to court)appear in an enanced crb check?
  2. Is the the administrative costs paid to prosecutors in the processing of the case when it is settled out of court a fine or what is it in the eye of the law.
  3. Thanks Old Coja you've more or less answered my question. But I think I'm still uncertain about a few thing. 1) The question that deals with double punishement. NOTE: This is concerning your typical case of fare evasion, as in having insuffient fund/ wrong type of or ticket etc NOT your more SERIOUS offence of fake tickets and its distribution . Say if a person was given a formal warning (or even a penalty fare) despite it being their second or even third type being caught by RPI (and were given the same 'punishment' on the previous occassions) and the fines have being paid, I'm I rig
  4. Hiya Hope you're all having a good day. I've just got a few question about fare evasion and hope you can help me answer them- some of the question may seem stupid but its just a curiosity I have and hope people can help me out with them and you never know some people might find it useful 1. Is fare evasion a civil case or a criminal case? 2i) Are TFL liable to prosecute first offenderds or do they go for other options or is it depeendant on wach case. 2ii)Are certain type of fare evasion more likely to lead to prosecution i.e. using other person freedom pass, travel w
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