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  1. So do we have to start accruing holidays from scratch like my new employer has said or should it be from the start of the year as it was with previous employer
  2. Sorry I have put what I am entitled to now I was entited to 128 I think well thats what I got last year, 160 is what my manager has worked out for the new employer
  3. Thanks for the reply In my place of work there are 8 of us transferred but in all there were 23 premises taken over in the franchise, as for a consultation period we have been told nothing, we didn't even know previous employer was close to bankruptcy and the new owners were sprung on us the day previous owner went bankrupt, they have then just come in said this is whats happening get on with it more or less All I'm annoyed at is the fact I have lost pay through no fault of my own, fair enough wasn't a lot but still it pays the bills Tracey
  4. Thanks HB postggj - Our holiday entitlement went by hours rather than days so my previous employer I had just over 160 hours to take for the year I worked 27 hours a week, we have to work bank holidays as my place of work is open all year christmas day included, and no don't have a new contract yet
  5. Hiya I am Tracey and have just joined this site, I am after some advice ref claiming back mis-sold ppi from Welcome I know there are other posts with info on but with 2 young children, I don't think they will be too happy if I sat here for to long reading through them We took out a £7000 loan in 2008 and were told that we had to have ppi to get the loan but to get the repayments to what we could afford took the loan to 25 years at £250.54 a month the overall loan paid back in total would be approx 40k How do I go about trying to reclaim for the ppi we have paid so far and to cancel it, if it was cancelled it would help us pay off the loan far quicker Thanks in advance for your help Tracey
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