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  1. I hope this is in the right place, I am new and there are a lot of forums here! I wrote to a company and asked if they could send me all the information they held on myself and my family, I included a cheque which they were very quick to cash. When they sent the information back there was a lot missing so we wrote to them again and they sent us a bog standard reply saying that they don't have any other records. It is a holiday park, I asked for the information to help with a complaint that we have made. I phoned them yesterday to ask what accomodation we booked back in 2008 just to see if they did have any other information about us on their system, they phoned back this morning and told us exactly what accomodation, where it was, how many adults, children etc so why didn't they send us this when we requested? I have also supplied them with a copy of my mobile phone bill that shows phone calls that I have made to resort safety in the middle of the night and at other times to show them when certain things happened but they still deny it. It is getting ridiculous now. I just want a copy of all information that they have on us, they have many incident report forms that were filled out by them and signed by us in May this year but they say that they have no record of them. Any advice of what we can do next would be fantastic because I feel like I am banging my head against a wall. Thank you Hayley
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