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  1. No you are right you arent,..........but then I dont owe money ! lol
  2. Yes if the statement doesnt make it clear, I am going to request a sar I think. The way it seems to me is, basically they have lost money this year so they are whipping round customers trying to make a bit more money out of them to cover their losses. If I don't get this sorted properly, whats to stop them doing it again and again?! I may even attempt to change suppliers, meanwhile!
  3. Hello you! hows things?! Thanks for your help, all seems a bit sketchy to me! When I got the pre payment meter, the debt included the outstanding amount, plus the amount they said I had used from the time the last bill was generated and the meter going in. £300 represents about 5 months worth of electricity! Maybe I should of kept an eye on the bills and the readings, but I kind of thought that they would know what they were doing. Now its been so long that they can put anything they want on that statement and I will be none the wiser. I am going to argue it, even if they are right lol
  4. Hi long time no see! I wondered if anyone could help me, or at least tell me if they have had a similar thing happen to them. About two years ago, I got behind with my direct debit payments for my electricity and ended up with a £550 debt. I agreed to have a meter installed and cleared the debt at the rate of £10 a week, about seven months ago. I have continued to use the meter, because weirdly I only need to put about £15 a week on it, where as my direct debits were always set up for about £80 a month. Today I have recieved this letter: Dear Mrs bad lady that always owes somebody, As you are aware from our recent contact (didnt get it), we have identified that we need to increase the amount of the balance which is owed to us. We will now increase the amount you are paying through your pre-payment meter by £302.00 the total balance on your meter will be collected at £10.00 per week We will transfer this amount to your meter automatically, Please be aware that you may notice an increase in the amount you spend as you will also be repaying the outstanding balance that we transfer to the meter. If you have any questions or would like to query this outstanding amount please contact us within the next seven days, after which the additional debt will be added to your meter without further notice. Please call our dedicated customer service team free on 0800 015 1733 Your blah blah. Well, obviously I assumed this was some giant mistake, as far as I am aware the debt was cleared. and I was plodding along nicely safely in the knowledge that I was now in control of my usage and bill. So I called. I stated that I disputed the debt, that I wanted a full breakdown of where this charge has come from etc. I was told that of course they would said a statement of my account, but to be honest I have no frame of reference! I asked how this could of happened and he said and I quote " Edf as a company has lost millions, we have had to have another look at everyones bills and you owe us this amount" I said that I still didnt see how as I paid off what they originally said I owed and have used a meter since,.......he couldnt really answer my questions, but promised to send a statement and a form to make a formal complaint, but meanwhile the paypoints to have the charges deducted had already been informed and the next time I charge my key I will start paying a debt that I dont believe I owe! Can anybody please help?!
  5. Hiya long time no type! Just thought I would let you know, I have today, completed my first year as a non smoker, ok so I chew nico gum like its going out of fashion but I haven't smoked at all......now to get off the gum and I will be sorted! keep up the good work all of you! x
  6. Hiya Parki Tell your friend to send welcome a Subject access request. This should include a copy of his agreement that, if possible you could post, for someone more knowledgeable to take a look at. I assume he had ppi on the loan? What caused his unemployment?
  7. Hiya Minblack And welcome to cag, sorry that you have waited this long for a response! I fully believe you will of been mis-sold your insurance, I also have a sneaking suspicion that the agreement wouldnt of been properly executed. I would suggest that you start by sending Welcome Finance a Subject Access request along with your £10 payment. You should find this link helpful http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/consumer-forums-website-questions/53182-cant-find-what-youre.html Meanwhile if you could scan a copy of your agreement (with your details blacked out!) someone will take a look at it for you. Hope this helps.
  8. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck Hells! I will be watching with baited breath You have so much bottle and tons of knowledge, all the things I wish I had! go get em girl! xx
  9. Any news yet Post? Would it be possible to post your p.o.c's ...........Im also about to start claiming mis-sold ppi and unenforceable agreements, but have no idea what to use on my court papers. good luck with your claim, keep posting!
  10. Ive done it too I wish my 12 yr old boy was as studious! good luck
  11. Conradsfate Please DON'T under any circumstances agree to sign a new agreement! This is WF way of covering their tracks for mis-selling. Their agreements are seriously lacking some information and they know it. By signing a new contract they will have you back in their clutches. If you need any help please pm me.
  12. Mich Why are you paying someone else to do what you could do yourself?!?! You have all the information you need here, and so many knowledgeable people to help you. Whoever the company are, they arent going to get any better or any worse result than you would yourself. Personally I want ALL my money back not whats left after Ive paid someone else to get it.
  13. Hiya Wilsikon, You appear to have been left off the post swoop! Heres the link for the stay bundle http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/114505-bundle-stay-hearing.html
  14. Just re-read your post, did you get a response to your cca request and if not how long ago did you send it?
  15. Starz the cost of a cca request is £1.00 send them the letter again, recorded delivery. This will put the debt into dispute and they will not be able to proceed with anything until they have complied. IF and when they do respond, let us know what you recieved and we will help work it out from there. Dont allow them to bully or scare you into anything, refuse to speak to them on the telephone, keep everything in writing. Hope this helps
  16. The point I'm trying to make is the JUDGE has clarified the situation!!! I appreciate that you feel its important for other claimants to know the situation, but feel its detrimental to everybody to suggest that because the moderators have said it will be ok to only use one name that it will be. If I was in that situation now, I would probably amend my claim, but thats my personal opinion and I am no moderator lol.
  17. With all due respect to the moderators, they aren't judges and in this case it seems the Judge wants two names. I'm not saying that it will or won't happen in anybody elses case or saying that the moderators are wrongly advising, I'm just saying that you can't really argue with a Judge! Wilsikon has come this far, she may aswell continue her hard work by complying with the Judges wishes, than ignore him and have her case struck out over something so trivial.
  18. I think you are right to amend this Wilsikon, after all the Judge knows his job eh?! Good luck with it.
  19. Reads fine to me, my only concern is that you are only giving them 7 days. I think you have to give them 14 days, or the courts will say you werent fair. Only think mind, not certain! good luck
  20. Just had a letter from the dca on behalf of Welcome. They are prepared to settle for half the amount outstanding. Been down the back of the sofa, and in the washing machine waste pipe but Im still a tad short of the three grand. Thanks for your help hellhasnofury, I have sent the pm.
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