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  1. Thanks, guys. Yes, I'll write a letter and email it so I have proof. When I've had to contact them in the past for various things, it's hell trying to get to speak to the right person. I'm off to get bread now and staying undercover tomorrow lol x
  2. Thank you So, I should just ignore the bell and contact the city council? I'm worried the neighbour downstairs will let them in the main door if they ring his bell, too. Will the police force me to open the door because it's Council Tax? I have no car, thankfully.
  3. A bailiff (Jacob's) came earlier while I was out and left a letter stating they intend to seize goods tomorrow re: a Liability Order issued by the Magistrates Court due to Council Tax arrears. What can I do to stop them accessing my home? I am in receipt of £50 a week Working Tax Credits and have no other income at present (registered S/E). If I had money to pay my arrears, I would, but I don't. I'm not even going to get started on the fact a single person should have a greater reduction than at present, or that Council Tax even exists... Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm currently dealing with Jacobs too. This is the letter I sent them last week: Notice of Rejection and Return of Unrecognised Paperwork Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent Dear Jacobs Certified Bailiffs, Your paperwork dated 10.08.2010 and 11.08.2010 is returned not recognised. The reasons for which are as follows: 1. Your paperwork appears to be indicating that some sort of contract exists between ‘Jacobs Certified Bailiffs’ and a STRAWMAN, legal fiction PERSONality referred to in your paperwork as ‘MISS (NAME HERE)’, not me. 2. It appears ‘Jacobs Certified Bailiffs’ is acting as 3rd party interloper for the Magistrates Court. 3. Your paperwork is signed with an electronically generated image. In order for me to act lawfully and consent to be compelled to perform in any alleged contract I must ask you to provide the following clarification and reserve all my rights not to be bound by any unrevealed contracts. a) Proof of a valid signed contract between ‘Jacobs Certified Bailiffs’ and MISS (NAME HERE). b) Proof that I ever gave consent to stand under any assumed authority of ‘Jacobs Certified Bailiffs’. c) Proof which demonstrates that your signatureis real and written by human hand. Not a copy of a signature re created electronically on paper which invalidates a commercial instrument. d) Proof of a written order placed upon you by me which requires payment for services rendered. e) Proof of a signed Bill for your services duly presented by ‘Jacobs Certified Bailiffs’ written out to me. f) Proof of your implied authority over me gained knowingly and willingly from me. Unless the proofs requested herein are forthcoming not later than 17/08/2010 I will take the knowing that you cannot provide the necessary proofs and that by your failure to provide proof you agree that no contract exists and the matter is considered closed. All responses must be delivered by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery or will not be recognised. Any paperwork sent by you in response to this Notice which does not contain the specific details requested will be returned to you clearly marked REFUSED FOR CAUSE: NO CONTRACT. Sincerely, without ill will, vexation or frivolity, Me of the family Me All Rights Reserved - Without Recourse - Non-Assumpsit Errors & Omissions Excepted Enc: Your Original paperwork
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