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  1. Can anyone out there help me with one more thing please, Can i set up a tomlin order or is it too late for me to try negotiate a settlement figure? Do i need to set up a tomlin order through a solicitor? Thanks andy advise appricated. Docker1
  2. thanks krios, I'm feeling pretty ****. From what i've been reading it seems that they might be able to try me in this juristaction. But i am curious to know will a judge take into account personal circumstanes or is it just black and white! I'm just starting my own business and my wife is a student and we have two young children, if thus judgement goes against me, it will potentially leave us bankrupt. Any help please......
  3. They have requested a summary judgement in accordance with CPR part 24, and said that on the basis of documentation available the defendent has no real prospect of succeeding and there is no other complelling resaon why this matter should await disposal at trial.
  4. Hi everyone, I have just recieved a court date through the post for june 30th at my local court. I feel sick, Any advise would be greatly appriciated.
  5. great to read your great story, well done guys. I'm been chased from australia to here in the uk, creditcorp hae enlisted the help of their good friends stevensdrake solictors and they have started court proceddings against me, I am fighting this all the way stating they are acting out of juristaction. I have contacted the ASIC in australia, Is there any advice you could give me?? Would be greatly appriciated. Docker1
  6. Thanks so much for pointing this out to me, a little glimmer of hope. i will throughly look into this.
  7. Thanks creditcorptrouble, I can assure you that i am not throwing in the towel, just very stressed at the possibility of having to find £14,000 in a month or having my credit score wrecked. i will fight this all the way i have no choice. Thank you for your invaluable help so far.
  8. thanks creditcorptrouble for your advice, how do i go about putting in an application challenging jurisdication or validity of assignment. Also how do i go about ringing SD to discuss and request disclosure? Thanks for your help and messges everyone.
  9. Hi everyone, latest is that i've sent off another offer to stevensdrake to settle, and i've filled in my allocation questionaire for the courts so that is been sent off to them. I would love to be able take the risk of going to court but i don't have £14,000 to settle if i lose, and as i have my own small business and need credit i can't have a ccj against my name. I would love if stevensdrake would just accept an offer and **** off but i realise that negotiation takes time too!!!
  10. Hi guys, I've just recieved my allocation questionare from the courts, To say that i am ****ting a brick now would be an understatement it has to be back by may 6th. I really need to settle this before it gets to court. I can't run the risk of losing and be lialiable to repay the full amount ( now £14000). Any good idea's??
  11. Hi everyone, Just recieved my reply to the part 36 letter that i sent to stevensdrake. they just said no flat out that they are still applying for judgement through the courts. Any further ideas?? Need some urgent help to get these guys off my back. thanks guys
  12. Well thats what i thought too, That they couldn't come after me with a ccj here in the UK so watch your backs guys. I did everything that i was advised on the forum but i'm still having to fight this out through the court it seems. I also have no assets but i'm self employed and cannot have a ccj on my credit file. Its a nightmare.
  13. Hi guys, Yes I'm still about, I've sent my defence yesterday with help from creditcorptrouble,(thanks again) I've also sent a part 36 letter offering to settle, I posted that letter last week and still have not heard anything back. I will keep you posted. fingers crossed eh.
  14. hi everyone, can anyone advise me please is it 14 or 28 days to file a defence once the AOS has been sent?
  15. Thanks cancan, i think i will try that, did you just send a straight letter offering the money without prejudice. docker1
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