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  1. Hello all I've just had an offer from C langdale for 1330 against a claim of 1550, which is quite a good offer so I thought... so, what I did was wrote a letter back saying that I would accept this offer if they added another £125 onto the total for the charges added in August... else, I'll continue with action and quote the timescale in my LBA which was issued the day before offer was received. Anyone took this approach ? what will happen I wonder ?
  2. Hello all Don't know if I'm just being thick but, my claim has been acknowledged... however, I'll noticed a Field Titled "Judgement" When I click on it... it says: - The defendant has not filed an admission or defence to my claim and The defendant admits that all the money is owed. Do I need to click any of these, or just lets things take their course ?? Please advise
  3. Banks accused of 'illegal' overdraft charges Jon Ungoed-Thomas BANKS have been accused of imposing illegal charges of hundreds of millions of pounds on customers who have gone overdrawn. The Office of Fair Trading believes the charges may be unlawful and is expected to investigate. Legal experts say penalty charges must reflect the actual costs incurred by the banks as a result of the overdraft. NI_MPU('middle');Customers are demanding that charges which have been routinely applied on unauthorised overdrafts must now be paid back and many have already forced banks to do so. They
  4. OK, thanks all... right I'll make those changes. Has anyone lost going to court then, that you know about? and how long will it take ?
  5. Claim is for £2676, offer is £1998... which is quite good.. Got another couple of accounts to do as well, one at a time tho. Good point, act reasonably... will do then - just want it now... Yes its my first post ever ! anywhere. Feel like I've I got an on-line buddy now.
  6. Hello Karne Yes, like the changes... really, really helpful! Thank you loads The LBA letter that I sent doesn't expire whilst the 14th August, however rather than wait til then - thought I would start action.. As they had already stated that it was a final offer. And from reading the other treads, the next letter will be (Sorry your not getting anything) ? Should I wait until 14 or just do it now?, don't see point in waiting... And I want them to know I'm serious Kath x
  7. Hello all I've drafted a letter for which I intend sending to HSBC... just wondered what people thought ? Does it sound to harsh... hopefully this could help others?? ....................................... DATE BANK's ADDRESS Dear XXX/XXX RE: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your offer of (XXXX.XX), on (XX/XX/XX) with reference to the full and final settlement of my claim for the total of (XXXX.XX), for accrued bank charges. Nevertheless, I have decided to decline your (XXXX.XX) offer and commence with legal proceedings, since as sta
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