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  1. Hi, my QQ account went to MH to. I am on benefits and couldnt afford to pay what they wanted. I just said they had to accept my payment I could not pay anymore and if it went to court the court would see what I could afford, I also said that the court may put amount to be paid down. It took a while but it is sorted now and payments being made. They do keep on though about upping payments but I just say I cant at present which is no ly I cant. Do not set up any DD with them. I pay mainly via their website. Also please note that if you telephone them to make a payment or use their website to make a payment they will charge you an extra £1, so make sure that it you pay this way you allocate an extra £1 to your payment.
  2. I think you should continue making the normal monthly payments that you have been paying. To stop would not go in your favor. It will show that although all this is still going on you are willing to make payments to prove that it was not necessary for them to take the car. Try and get a breakdown of the Bailiffs fess etc., and if you have to pay storage. If it goes in your favor at the hearing then you may be able to ask that the fees were un-necessary and the storage un-necessary as payments were being made, so there was no need to take the car. Still get on to your councillor regardless of what has happened today, they may be able to help and get some answers that you are not. As to legal representation I am not sure, you could try ringing the law society or your local cab, failing that go on to the internet and see if there are any solicitors that can help you, only they will be able to tell you if you can get help with costs etc., I would do a paper of total amount borrowed (loan). and interest if any. Monthly payments. Date of monthly payments. How many payments have been made. Then it may give you the total you owe not including bailiff fees etc., You can then deduct the amount you still owe on the loan from the amount bailiff says you owe, this will give you a rough figure of what they have charged you. If you get stuck give me a shout I will try and get on as much as I can.
  3. Well thats good news. It gives you some time to get all the advice you need plus all your paperwork together to plead your case. At least you can rest a little easier now. Did you manage to get in touch with the councillor? Also can you not get a total of what you are still supposed to owe from the council etc., Try if you can to get some legal representation to attend court with you. If not make sure that you have everything listed even down to the last date a payment was made.
  4. I think they are well out of order especially as it is being paid. Keep fighting, we are here to support you.
  5. I hope it goes in your favor on monday. I wouldnt wait until Monday to get intouch with your local councillor do it now, give them an outline of the situation and explain what happened today, that way they know and are ready for monday. Contact everyone on your list regardless of the weekend. Email your local councillor and council just give the details upto today. Make sure that you have all the paperwork to say that the debt is being paid and the agreement is being stuck to. Keep us informed. Try and not to worry over the weekend I know its easy for me to say, but please try.
  6. I do hope this gets sorted for you. Apart from giving them the keys did you give them any paperwork for the car eg: logbook. They cant expect you to pay an amount that you havent got. I think they are unreasonable like all Bailiffs and are just out for what they can get. Apart from taking the car, they are also (I think) adding charges on to the debt which will make it go even higher. Please keep us informed.
  7. Can you not get it from anywhere else? I just dont want you to get into the trap like a few of us on here?
  8. Hi Guys and Gals, Been trying to sort my pd loan out with Wonga, and have been paying what I can afford. I pay direct into their bank account cash. So they dont get my card details. Now Wonga, a little while ago were sending out settlement figures and monthly payment over 3 months. I missed this offer because of illness and didnt want to pay any other way except the way I pay them. I emailed the contact I have at Wonga and asked for a settlement figure and over how many months etc., also explaining why I missed the other one. I received email back saying that they could only discuss this via telephone. Well I am not discussing it over the telephone and have emailed them back to say that. Plus I want proof that arrangment is set up, what they say on the phone is one thing and what they do is another. What I want to know is, do Wonga send your details to a DCA if so who? is it easier to keep paying them what I can and then if they pass negoiate with DCA. I am right in saying I wont discuss on telephone but in writing only? Thanks for your help.
  9. My advice is Stay away from these types of loans if you can. Try and save the money if its not urgent. Dont get into the trap of payday loans it a circle that can spiral out of control.
  10. Hi I would get on to your bank and see if you can get the money back as it was not authorised. As get onto Wonga, they (I think) have taken money from your account without your permission and it was not the amount agreed. Saying that they have your details now as you paid via internet so it shows all your details. I would also cancel your card that you made payment by as they now have these details. I only pay Wonga via their bank account direct through the bank and make a point of going to the bank to pay it as then they do not have my any of my details. I hope someone else will be along to help you soon. Tell Wonga via email that you will be holding them responsible should you lose your home as they may have committed fraud by using your details without consent. Have you got a copy of the arrangment that you set up with them? If you have then I would forward them a copy and make it quite clear that until the money that they have taken is repaid immediately then you will have no alternative but to take action. Also mention that as they have done that you will be paying cash into their bank account from now on.
  11. For anyone having problems with HLC, fight them. You will get your money back. My son signed for a computer course with them, they gave him a list of places where he could take the exam. When he checked half of the places they listed werent doing the exams there and the places that were were miles away. After alot of telephones calls, we then decided to tell them that we were coming to their office with the course materials to get our money back. Their office is not to far away from us. We did just that got them to sign to say that we had returned materials, and we got a full refund. So keep on at them you will get it in the end.
  12. Hi, I dont know if this is the right place to put this. Right what happens if you got a career development loan to pay these people from Barclays? We were thinking of going down the CCA route. My son has not had anything from Advent (training etc.,) since 2008 and have been fighting to get his money back since then. Thanks
  13. Why dont you get in touch with the person that set up the arrangement for you and explain you need to know how to pay and who to pay as the first payment is looming and there is a bank holiday this weekend? benny1
  14. Is it not possible that you could go into the council offices and pay in their cash office a cash payment? That way they may get it the same day if not the next. benny1
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