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  1. I just moved to o2 a couple of weeks ago from AOHell and i cannot rate them high enough, free helpline, average d/l speed- 13mb/s, free mcafee security suite (AOL charge £2.50 a month for the same thing) and not had any connection issues, yet. Can't recommend them highly enough.
  2. Hi guys, been with AOL for 7 years and I never had any probs with getting connected or staying connected until CPW got involved and its been a nightmare ever since so I phoned them, which you used to be able to do free by the way, and asked for my MAC code and was aked why I was thinking of leaving and I told them it was too expensive for what has become a sub standard service (£29.99 + £2.50 for Mcafee security suite per month) and was told that as I had been a customer for a long time they would drop the price to £9.99 per month but I would be tied to an 18 month contract so I said to the gu
  3. Ok, got a letter from the FOS today regarding the settlement of my claim and it says that the bank will contact me directly to settle, however as there is now a large number of claims it could be as long as SIX WEEKS before this happens and if the bank has not contacted me within FOUR WEEKS to contact the FOS. Well I was expecting to have had the cheque by now and happily spending my money, got to wait a wee bit longer.
  4. Hi, yes you can, I claimed for an account with BOS and it has been closed for almost 3 years so go for it.
  5. Ok now we have hit a little snag, had a proper read of the acceptance form from the FOS and guess what it says on it, "FULL AND FINAL SETTLEMENT OF MY COMPLAINT", well that's gonna complicate things:evil: . Still got £900 worth of charges to reclaim on my BOS Visa.
  6. Hi Linda, I'm pleased for me too lol. Have you heard anything yet?
  7. I've got to send the acceptance form back to the FOS by 13th June, so anytime after they get the form back I suppose.
  8. I sent the claim form back to them on 23/24th April, so about 5 weeks.
  9. Go for it Cosmo, I got a letter from the FOS yesterday and the bank are willing to settle, so keep going.
  10. Well got a letter from FOS yesterday saying that the bank wish to settle instead of going through a formal investigation, so it looks like that's another £1845 heading my way
  11. Why don't you just use the FOS, it's free and you wouldn't be liable for the banks costs ifyou were to lose, I've just been down the FOS route with BOS for £1845 and got a letter from them yesterday saying the bank wish to settle in full. It's up to you, but that's what I would do.
  12. Hi chocolatte, yep serve it on their HQ in Birmingham.
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