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  1. Firstly thankyou for advice Not sure if I feel better as it felt personal and singled out or furious they do this so regularly and get away with it Advice on my plans please I am asking for CCJ to be set aside on the grounds Lowells misled the court into sending papers to wrong address and will ask if I am entitled to a discount as I'm disabled now pip enhanced and I also get ESA I then purpose to write to Lowells solicitor informing them of there error in reporting a fake adress to the court despite writing to me at my adress and requesting formally they themselfs
  2. Advice please guys In 2012 took a phone contract out with EE and returned phone within a week back to shop simply as no reception In 2014 I had a few debt collection letters all of which went in bin Late 2014 I moved to a new house and started getting letters at new house early in 2015 from Lowell finance all of which went in bin Yesterday I came home to a letter from Lowell solicitors stating a CCJ had been obtained and a court order of £50 a month payment had been missed I rung Lowell solicitors for proof of the CCJ and was given a date and case number I
  3. Hi Brig Ive tried that so often I had a mental breakdown after hearing so often "THEY CANT DO THAT" Bottom line is they are doing this and many other things so much in words of ICO its institutional All Black horse done was tried to justify the defaultdates changing everytime they sold the debt after reasorbing it Recently ive been re reading Richard Durkins way the legal route where mine went down the avenue of Ombudsman Dont forget if you get in trouble paying a debt last place you look for years is the CRAs to remind yourself of the mess your in Please dont say they cant do t
  4. As I stand now since the FSA showdown Black horse has agread to no longer place defaults, funny enough I have still had debt collector visits who seemed bemused the debt is statute barred My biggest arguement though is there is no debt / there never ever was and on 2 occasions a county court in 2004 both agread with me and struck Black horses claim out Im not allowed ever to argue that point simply as i do not hold the original paperwork or accounts and Black Horse refused to ever give me anything in my case i could only argue they regularly removed credit defaults and re inserted them
  5. No both the ICO and FSA will agrea to help stop this from happening but first you must prove to them it is happening In my case we had years of credit agency monitoring even 2 court cases in 2004 both of which i won still needed a lenghty investigation The outcome as you read pages ago are Black Horse in my case did stop its harrassment but neither the ICO or FSA would pursue the offences simply as Black Horse was unlikely to comply
  6. Maybe the Supreme court needs to know what your doing gives so many of us a little hope. Bottom line is if the banks are made accountable they wont do things like this May I ask the forum owners why havent we organised a trip to court in support? regional travel sharing etc Debtors are under dogs and with respect without people like Richard Durkin who is taking all the risks and humility a debt advise forum would be pointless and toothless
  7. Its impossible to quantify loss if the banks will not let you know the credit formula Firstly most people struggling do not have time or funds to monitor the CRAs to check if everything is right Companies the charge up to £15 a month and consider theres at least 3 seperate agencies in my case they challenged the bank with the evidence and still publicized a default they knew to be wrong after all Black horse spends more money with them than I do. You can go to the ombudsman like I have only to find at best they finally stopped the defaults bieng listed but only after I had to obtain
  8. Ive said this privately so will say it here thank God for guys like Richard. Most of us after 16 years would of called it a day, to get any sort of legal help he would have had to bang hes head against walls so often I wonder if he has any of hes own hair left. To win then get overturned as often as he has yet somehow keep himself focussed and hes legal team backing him up without just giving up is nothing short of astonishing. I personaly take inspiration although no hope from hes stance and from bottom of my heart support him getting whats right as I feel we all do. So many th
  9. Update Both the ICO and the FSA stuck simply as Black Horse are unlikely to comply with the rulings both of them see it futile to take further action I kid you not Black Horse have not even complied with the £100 award which I was disgusted with. The crux of the situation is credit scoring. We all know a poor credit score will affect things from whether loans etc are offered or increased, this includes as we know insurance quotes as debt ridden people are more of an insurance risk. The formula of the credit score is a massive secret, simply to discourage people abus
  10. Sorry for delay Now in 2004 Black horse went to county court twice nd both times it was said there was no case to answer So the FSA on drugs if she clams there was no impact on myself Despite bieng shown regular credit expert files it is said there is no evidence Black horses default impact on my credit files despite bieng the solo default entry Black horse themselfs were responsible for removing the default and re inserting it on at least 3 occasions according to the ICO PDF files uploaded if ive done it wrong please let me know[ATTACH=CONFIG]43908[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]439
  11. I wasnt dismissed because of the phone calls, I strongly believe at that time promotion to the job officialy I was covering for 9 months was with held though because of it, the calls were relentless to our switch board id say at least 3 times a week, and when challenged re personal calls at work they then started introducing themselves as collection agents and the matter was urgent. Ive many examples througout the last decade where my credit score was used to prevent me getting loans / mortgages and even a rental property, although annoyingly it does not state specificly it was the Black Hor
  12. Thanks slick Im asking Brig to write a suitable letter to ICO and FSA. Plans are now to get an appointment with my local MP, as now without turning up with a suitcase I can simply show him the outcome of both tribunal and a short note outlining things. I need a few weeks to raise the court fees but Ive thught long and hard and spoke to wife and decided this isnt all about the money for years this has dogged me causing family rifts etc and the moneys spent in the past is exactly that spent. But Arrow Global got there knuckles rapped for sending collectors even during the week of the ICO
  13. cheers Brig ill be scanning etc letter when im home, apreciate that
  14. Thanks guys Idealy I wanted to highlight to the ICO and FSA what Black horse was doing and sort of believed they would make them stop it, I am honestly stunned the ICO state that further action is not goin gahead due to a limited budget and the fact Black horse would unlikely comly Its gone on for years now, money that I spent on SRA postage etc stupid, flaming rows on doorsteps with ignorant collection agents and 2 worn out printers The FSA demanded me to show the impact having a default on my credit file would make, and I replied thats there job to understand simply as the workin
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