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  1. It's never too late as I have done so since 2012 on making new discoveries but it has nothing to do on here unless you know something I don't and who says on 'here' is the enemy? No, it's just the road name has come to my attention recently regarding an issue to do with off-shore banking. I will add this & keep it simple. Love honour & respect is what I abide to. Do not take from someone that is not given. Do not cause harm. Always treat those how I like to be treated. Remember to never be brought especially when signing to the highest bidder. This could be seen as selling you
  2. As far as I know, no money was taken from the bank account!
  3. Although you are not aware I do know all of above without going into detail at present. In my case they said it was 21 days but how would one know if nothing is received? i.e. They're using 19th century tech. (post) when we all have smart phones that can literary do & received just about everything. And I do take this very seriously. If you knew my background you'd understand why. The insurance co & the policy have agreed that if anyone wants to drive on public highways then it's a 10/10 to have insurance cover, that's on 1 hand but on the other they rely on the post to inform me reg
  4. This one is a biggie so would be easier to ask questions. How did this come to my attention? My friend who I trust is a named drive on my policy was involved in a minor incident 2 weeks ago, this incident is not the problem here but it was brought to my attention that my car policy had been cancelled which meant my friend had no insurance. The police has also got in on the act & had my car seized by a private contractor. There are no other issues with the car. I would like to add at this point that I have got an impeccable driving record. I've been driving for 36 yrs. Never no claim
  5. I have just noticed something interesting! This address, very interesting, Finchley Road. Can't be too far from the Law firm for shell companies especially in the Caymans as Tax havens. It makes the Panama papers look like a silly game of cards! Still I take it everyone on here only has good intentions?
  6. Oh yes please, bring it on! I have a wealth of knowledge & experience waiting to be unleashed to the traitors & bullies in society. They know who they are & I can't wait to exposed them. But do remember, all I offer is nothing but truth & it could get rough!
  7. Hi I'm seeking some advise regarding a car policy being cancelled without knowledge. This was the 2nd major issue I've experience with a company that I've been with for over 15 yrs. So I'm pretty disappointed right now with the service. I do have some interesting pointers if anyone wants to get involved with this 1?
  8. Hi again Caggers Sorry I haven't been on here for a week. I have been very busy on other work. First I want to clarify that the DD's was returned to my bank acc. by my bank on the day I noticed this had happened back in October 2013 as previous explained. To my understanding I was in Magistrates Court for full payment of outstanding balance or for them to fit a pre-payment/key meter. They was granted this by the Magistrates. I've refuse to pay them the full amount because they haven't done an investigation, stated by them on how they have come to this amount, a increase of
  9. Hi again. I though I'd already explained this previously but I will explain again. I now also have more issues from Friday. My issues are the amount that they say I've used. The credit issues & now the way this was dealt with at court. Now you would have to ask me what is it exactly it is you would need to know? Kind regards Tam
  10. Hi Any Coggers that know of any lawyers that specialise in utility cases as I just experience at 1st hand the corruption of our justice system??
  11. Hi I was looking for some advice regarding the court proceedings. I am hoping to get this adjourned so I can gather more evidence! Tam
  12. I also know what there main aim is! It's to fit a $new meter in. They say card now but there main goal is a smart meter. I always pay my way in life & never ever miss any payments to anything so I don't know why I should be discredited in anyway.
  13. Hi dx100uk Yes you are correct & I normally do use word but a couple off unexpected distraction happened & rest is history. Anyway, thanks for your reply again it's much appreciated. This DD I don't have a issue with because this was dealt with the moment I was aware of it. This has been taken care off. I have a massive problem with the total amount, an increase of 400% from previous year/years. secondly I'm due in court tomorrow morning & need to know what I'm going to need as I don't make a habit ever being in court & would rather start on the right
  14. Hi again. What I have decided to do today is send little snippets of info instead of big chucks because yesterday was a disaster not realizing that the site automatically log off. Right the DD was dealt with on day when noticed funds had been taken out. And yes you was right. It wasn't professional of them to do this which I've noted. In fact, this whole affair has been shabby at best as you will see later. I did try to reverse the DD but my bank returned my call later to inform me that it couldn't be down their end, it will have to be down at BG. I ask for this a
  15. Hi dx100uk Thank you for you quick reply. I had type out a lengthy message but I've had a couple of distractions since then clicked send out the system had log me out & now it's in hyper space. I will try to repeat the message as soon as I can. Kind regards
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