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  1. After a quick call to Community Legal Services, i have found a solicitor who handles these cases and am due to meet with them tomorrow. I ended the interview before it was completed as i was getting no clear information form thema s to what the allegation actually was, and was worried that what i was saying may not have helped...i just felt uncomfortable. I have recieved another letter requesting i attend another interview, and told them id contact them once i found a lawyer, which took some time! Im also having to pay for all the legal advice so i have had to source a means of payment
  2. Hi, im a first time poster on here and hope i can get some advice! Six months ago, i notified the benefits agencies, via letter,that i was moving in with my partner and therefore no longer wished to claim HB, CTC,IS and all the other things that were on my list as a single mum and informed them of my change of address. The same letter was sent to all agencies and i called all agencies except Housing Benefit as their literature said this was not enough, and a letter was required. The payments all stopped and some overpayments were recovered as expected as these things often take tim
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