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  1. Sorry to be a pain but does anyone know when my review will happen if i've been given 18 months with a medium term return to work deadline? Does it mean i am reviewed exactly after 18 months from the date of winning my ESA claim? And what does the medium term actually mean? Can I get a precise date when my next ESA review is from the DWP? Do they this information available at hand? Many thanks N
  2. Anyone I need some Bactroban (a skin cream) but i'm embarrassed about going to the GP for a prescription. Can I buy this product in the UK without a prescription ie on Amazon or online? Any other way of buying it? Many thanks N
  3. I've just been placed in the ESA WRAG category but I have no idea when my next medical will be. I believe they call it the referral date when the DWP refer me back to ATOS for another ESA medical Is there a document confirming this date? I know this referral date was confirmed on my ESA Support Group award letter (which was 6 months). I had that medical a few weeks back and was downgraded to WRAG Will the DWP know the document name or indeed the referral date? Many thanks
  4. N I was in the SG and then demoted to the WRAG but my conditions hasn't changed.I'm not neive enough to realise what's happening though with ESA so I accept it now thanks
  5. Many thanks for that bigissue, appreciated for taking the time to respond I suspect there is a risk attached in appealing the decision to move me from SG to WRAG as I believe they review the whole claim again though I could be wrong here But again, you have answered my concerns and for that Im grateful have a good one N
  6. I was in the ESA Support Group and then went for a ATOS medical 2 weeks ago. I have been told today that I have been moved from the Support Group to the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG). Pls can someone answer these questions: (1) Can I appeal this decision? Is it the GL24 route? (2) Will I be paid ESA ERAG rate while appealing or will I lose my WRAG entitlement rate and have to submit doctors notes again? (3) How long do you spend in WRAG and is there a time limit? Many thanks and appreciated N
  7. I was placed in the Support Group without a medical mid-2011. The period was for 6 months. I received an ESA50 end of last year and have been invited for an ATOS medical end of Feb. You should get a letter stating when the reassessment will take place. It's usually 6 months but it can be a year or even 2 years for serious disabilities or illness
  8. Anyone had any experience of this? The DWP put me in the Support Group 7 mths ago. then i completed another ESA50 and sent that in and now been told i must attend another medical assessment end of feb even though my epilepsy as worsened makes no sense..but i do know that this means they will fail me at the medical again (probability?) and the appeals process continues all over again More to the point, how long does it take to get a decision following the ATOS medical assessment? Is it about 14 days or so? anyone idea experienced this? obliged
  9. Will try and get a number. I just thought someone on here may know that;s all Thanks for replying HB..sorry to have taken up space Cheers N
  10. Hi HB I know it's ATOS at Albert House, Manchester MSC, Bridge Street. It could be the DWP I suppose but aren't they separate organisations I have been to ATOS Manchester in person so it is there Will check again Many thanks
  11. Sorry to be a pain but does anyone by any chance know the opening times for ATOS, Albert House, Manchester over the Xmas period and New Year? Obliged guys and Merry Xmas N
  12. RMW Yes, you are probably right. I was simply wondering if anyone had any direct or personal experience of such a scenario Thank you N
  13. Been placed in ESA SG and review in the next 6 months which is around Feb 2012. If I fail the review or the reassessment or whatever it is they call it then I am removed from the support group and placed in the WRAG or am I completely removed from the full ESA benefit forcing me then to appeal that decision ie then back onto the assessment phase? Probability of this happening anyone? As anyone had this experience? Obliged and thanks N
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