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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was looking for some info from others who has Emphysema/COPD as i am having a terrible time with it just now.
  2. Does anyone on here have it through smoking?
  3. Try sending them a brick in a box with their pre-paid envelope stuck to it.
  4. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place or something but thought i would let you all know that the Scottish Sunday Mail newspaper is looking for people who have been stung by these cowboys. Law expert: Tickets from private parking wardens can be binned - The Sunday Mail There's a contact number at the end of the report.
  5. My sites the same, Buy new at stupid money or be moved to another part of the site just now but i am asking myself if its worth the hassle staying or should i terminate my finance and walk away.
  6. I didn't know they could force you off the site like that. I have a static on a site that's just won a licence to change to a retirement/residential complex type thing as apposed to a holiday park after fighting the council in court so does that mean i may be told then to get off unless i spend silly money buying a new van from them? Are there no laws to protect caravan owners when these changes happen on a site? The site near you isn't in Scotland is it?
  7. Thanks for that. Basically i have never had a written contract only a handbook with my terms and conditions in it. The company is small and we were handed new contracts with new terms etc and told to have it signed for two days later. I raised a grievance not so much due to the lack of notice etc but the content of the new terms. Overtime is worded so it is compulsory and you would be agreeing to allow them to cut your hours if needed as well as well as other things they have put in it that are not in my present terms. I had my first grievance interview the other day and was told that my hours wouldn't be cut and i would never be forced to do overtime but the way its worded and due to hassle last year over a call-out system i don't trust them. I think only two have signed it out of ten of us.
  8. Can a company after ten years all of a sudden ask employees to sign a new contract of employment and accept new terms and conditions without any warning or negotiation? Also does an employment handbook act as a contract of employment like it says on here. Contracts of employment: the terms of a contract : Directgov - Employment I have been told what it says on the government website about contracts can be verbal, handbooks etc is actually false. Anyone help?
  9. I read somewhere it only becomes extortion or illegal if the land owner asks for money to remove the clamp. A factory just down from my house recently put up signs saying anyone parking there will be clamped.
  10. I heard back from him again and this is what he said, I am going to lodge a Parliamentary question to see if I can tie this issue down a bit more. I want to see where private entities get this authority, if they have any at all, to levy fines. I am going to ask him if and when the next meeting is and if i can i will go to it.
  11. I got an answer from my MSP and this is what it said. Thank you for your e-mail. This matter was discussed to an extent, but nothing concrete was established as there were no representatives from the management of the car parking facilities in and around the town centre to answer questions people had about this matter. However, I am very happy to take this matter forward on your behalf if you would like. Is there a specific circumstance in regards to a fine at Cumbernauld town centre that I can help you with, or is it just the general principle involved? Please let me know if you would like me to take forward this issue on your behalf and I will be very happy to do so.
  12. I have sent emails to both the Cumbernauld news and the MSP Jamie Hepburn so we will wait and see what they say.
  13. I will email them and ask what was said and if any other meetings are planned.
  14. Anyone interested in this article as it concerns Central ticketing? Parking row rumbles on - Cumbernauld Today If you read about half way down it says during the meeting they looked at the legitimacy of fines but it doesn't give much else away. So i wonder what conclusion they came to?
  15. A Scottish Perky. What do you mean parking is legal?
  16. I don't know them personally but they or he posts on the pepipoo website.
  17. He paid at the time but only because he didnt know what he knows now. We assumed these were real parking fines so he paid up straight away but if any of us got one now then they would sing for the money. Neither of us stay in Arbroath so didnt know it was limited stay in their car park and hadn't noticed the signs so he just got caught out. It's just a pity he paid up so quick before i had time to browse the Internet for information.
  18. The manager of the Arbroath Lidl shop got the cameras swiched off after doubts about the tickets that were being issued. CAMERAS ARE TURNED OFF IN LIDL CAR PARK - Arbroath Today Ever since my dad got a ticket at that shop i have been reading up on these companies on the internet just incase i get caught out.
  19. I have been browsing for a few weeks now gathering information for the wife. She is with Lloyds and must be owed a few pounds for charges. We are about to send the first letter to try and find out exactly what it is so fingers crossed.
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