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  1. so its okay according to Tesco and their store manager for paying customers to get them but not one of their own ?



    That's exactly what I said when I heard about it.

    I know someone who works there and that's what is being said in the shop.

    I was told Central Ticketing haven't booked anything in the Tesco car park since and now only cover the main Town Centre car parks.


    Tapdancer, I wouldn't worry about your ticket from CT and just follow the advice on here.

    My mate has had several tickets at the Town Centre because his truck doesn't fit in the bays properly due to its size and he just ignores them and after a few begging letters they go away.

  2. We heard back from the council and they have cancelled the ticket. :)


    Their letter still makes out my daughter didn't have a pay and display ticket displayed despite her having an independent witness saying it was displayed and they also make no mention of the faulty machine giving tickets with no date.


    I am almost tempted to send them a cheeky letter back.



  3. Update.


    It took them a while to answer but this is what they said.




    I notice their letter says Limitation act 1980 instead of limitation (Scotland) act 1973 so are they up to something or is it genuine?


    Will a default show up on her credit rating and if so can it be removed?


    Big thanks for all the advice.

  4. I sent the appeal letter yesterday and I also went to that machine on my way home from work armed with my camcorder.

    I bought a ticket and filmed it coming out the machine and guess what? Still no date showing. So much for checking these machines.

    We just need to wait now and see what they say when the get the appeal letter.

    It makes you wonder how many motors have been booked for this machine being faulty.

  5. Thanks for the help.


    I am not a great letter writer nor have I ever needed to appeal a parking ticket so could you have a look at this and tell me if i should alter it in any way or is it fine as it is.



    To Whom It May Concern:


    I would like to appeal the following parking ticket with the Notice Number: *****


    On Saturday 7th February I parked my car in Bell Street and bought a ticket from the pay and display machine just along from where my car was parked which I stuck to my front windscreen but when I returned to my car a short time later I found a parking ticket on it.

    I was totally shocked by this as my ticket didn’t expire until 14.04 but the car was booked about 7 minutes after I left it at 12.07.

    Before I left to go home I took some pictures of my car in the bay which shows my pay and display ticket on the windscreen and I also had a look at other motors on the same row and several of them had also been booked despite having pay and display tickets on their windows.

    When I got home I studied the tickets and it turns out the date on the pay and display ticket is not showing correctly so I guess this is why my car was booked.

    I have enclosed a copy of the parking ticket and also the pay and display ticket which has a serial number and will prove I did buy a ticket and your warden’s pictures will show my ticket is clearly displayed on my windscreen. The pay and display machine is obviously faulty and therefore the ticket should be cancelled.


    If this appeal is refused could you please supply me with the following information?


    I would like copies of any photos the warden took of my car as it will show my pay and display ticket clearly on the windscreen and I would also like a copy of the logs for testing the said ticket machine.



    Would that be OK to send?


    Thanks again

  6. Thanks lamma for the advice.

    I forgot to say she also took a couple of pictures of her motor with her phone when she found it had been booked because she didn't know why she had been given a ticket in the first place so you can see the pay and display ticket still on the windscreen.


    If she appeals but they stick to their guns will she need to pay the full amount or is it still the reduced amount?

  7. My daughter parked her motor there today and bought a ticket from the machine which she stuck to the front windscreen and off she went only to come back not long after and find a council parking ticket on the motor.

    It totally baffled her as her ticket didn’t expire until 14.04 but the car was booked about 7 minutes after she left it at 12.07.

    Before she left to head home she had a look at other motors on the same row and several of them had also been booked despite having pay and display tickets on there windows.

    She got home and we studied the tickets and it turns out the date on the pay and display ticket is not showing correctly so I guess this was why her motor was booked.


    Would I be right in assuming if she appeals then it should get scrubbed as the number on the pay and display ticket will prove she did buy it when she said she did?


    Here are both tickets for any input or advice.











  8. I'm the same, never going back to smoking.

    I had tried to give it up for ages and always failed. I had tried patches, gum and even hypnosis and none of them worked but one day I just decided to stop and i have never looked back.

    I think the smoking ban in Scotland helped as I smoked like a chimney when I was driving but all of a sudden it was illegal to smoke in the works van so I cut own a lot due to that.

  9. Do you feel better?

    Have the docs said you've improved your chances?


    I feel a lot better since giving up smoking and don't miss it at all despite being a heavy smoker for around 20 odd years but my lungs are terrible now and they will never improve as far as i know.

  10. Thanks for those replies.


    She wasn't 100% sure if no payments had been made within the last five years so thats what made me think the CCA letter was the best option.

    If i send the above letter and it turns out payments were made what happens then and what happens about the CCA letter already sent?


    Thanks again.

  11. About four weeks ago my wife received a letter from Thames Credit saying they had bought a debt of hers and are demanding full payment right away. She didn’t know at the time what it was for but she’s since found out it was for a store card that she defaulted on when I lost my job in 2001. She’s not sure if payments were made on any kind of payment plan or not since 2001 as she had a few cards at the time but can’t find any receipts for this one.

    I send a CCA letter to Thames after reading other posts on here and they replied saying they bought the debt and the rights to add interest etc but they didn’t buy the original agreement but would try and get the original documents as a matter of good practice.

    The 12+2 days expired yesterday so what should I do now?

    I’ve read other posts that say just wait until your contacted again and I’ve read posts that say send them another letter like this one i found on another thread.



    Dear Sir or Madam


    Request for true copy of Credit Agreement under Sections 77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974


    I wrote to you recently requesting a true, signed copy of any credit agreement that exists in relation to the above account. This is my right under Sections 77 and 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 on payment of the statutory fee of £1.00. This payment was included with my original request.


    Under the terms of the above Act, a creditor has 12 working days to provide the requested document. This deadline has now passed & I have not received the requested documents from you. I therefore notify you that you have a further 30 days before this matter becomes a criminal offence.


    As I am sure you are aware, an agreement that does not contain all of the prescribed terms, and/or is not signed by the debtor, is completely unenforceable & I therefore consider that this account is in dispute with immediate effect.


    Furthermore please consider this letter a statutory notice under Section 10 of the Data Protection Act to cease processing any data in relation to this account with immediate effect. This means you must remove all information regarding this account from your own internal records and from my records with the credit reference agencies. Should you refuse to comply, you must within 21 days provide me with a detailed breakdown of your reasoning behind continuing to process my data. Should you fail to respond within 21 days, I will assume that you agree to remove all such data.


    Furthermore, you should remember that a creditor is not permitted to take any action against an account whilst it remains in dispute. The lack of a credit agreement is a very clear dispute and therefore the following applies:


    • You may not demand any payment on this account, nor am I obliged to offer any payment to you.
    • You may not add any further interest or charges to this account.
    • You may not pass this account to any third party.
    • You may not register any information in respect of this account with any of the credit reference agencies.
    • You may not issue a default notice related to this account.

    If **DCA** chooses to ignore my dispute and attempt enforcement, I will file reports with the appropriate authorities, including, but not limited to, Trading Standards, Office of Fair Trading, Information Commissioners Office & Financial Ombudsman Service.


    I also require a copy of your internal complaints procedure as further action may be necessary.



    What’s the best option?




  12. Hun if you do smoke, give it up!

    Get some champix from the doc, its so easy to do that way ;)


    Doctors are OK if you want medicine etc but sometimes its better to meet and talk to others with the same condition.

    I don't smoke anymore. I gave up smoking in 2006 before i found out about the Emphysema.

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