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  1. Nearly £2000 for Gas from dec 2007 to Oct 2009 going by their figures is extortionate. My current yearly assumed consumption is £880. I genuinely don’t know how much the average gas bill was in 2007. For information I live in a normal three bed end terrace.
  2. Email and live chat From 1st May 2018 Hi, Please find attached a transcript of your online conversation with us. Regards, Information Commissioners Office [1:41 PM] has joined the room [1:41 PM] ico_martynb has joined the room [1:41 PM] ico_martynb has joined the room [1:41 PM] ico_martynb: Good afternoon How can I help? [1:42 PM] Hello. I contacted you with all relevant details on the 28th March, I received an auto reply and then nothing [1:43 PM] It’s in relation to npower completely ignoring all requests for sar [1:44 PM] ico_martynb: OK. Is it a complaint you have
  3. I logged the complaint in March. I contacted them again a while ago, will check dates, they said they have a backlog. They gave me the reference and said they will get to me when they can.
  4. Yes that is correct. They have been the only supplier to this property. It’s impossible I was with anyone else since I lived here
  5. Look I’m really sorry BankFodder but I have been trying for years to sort this. In between a multitude of other stuff which I obviously don’t want to explain here. I have tried my best. I am learning as I go but sometimes I only have one hand to use and that makes things a tad complicated. It’s all well and good saying buy a scanner but I’m actually to daft to work out how to connect the blimmin thing. I really am turn it off and on again and hope for the best. If help is only available to those with a minimum amount of equipment then a fair few people won’t get help.
  6. I’m really sorry but I am an idiot with technology. I have an iPad and no clue how to do a pdf file. I can photograph the letters and send them to someone if that would work? The first cheque wasn’t returned or acknowledged. The second cheque has just today been returned and the letter references that. I don’t have a copy of my SAR request. I don’t have a printer. I hand write everything. I used a template letter to request SAR.
  7. I’m sorry I missed that, it wasn’t intentional. No my first cheque was not cashed. My second cheque has just been returned. First SAR normal post plus request via email. Every letter I have including this reply quotes the limitations act. If I have a valid claim then yes I will.
  8. I’ve had replies today from my letters to the ceo and a further SAR request. Is there a way to upload them onto here rather then write them all out? I will cover personal information. Thank you.
  9. On their returns page here https://www.irregularchoice.com/returns it states that they provide a returns service however the consumer is liable for the cost of replacing the return should it go missing or get damaged. I have always believed that if the trader provides the returns then it’s their responsibility? Whereas if the consumer is paying for returns it’s up to them to ensure it’s covered. These shoes are expensive and I’m a bit concerned at sending them back.
  10. These mean absolutely nothing to me but here’s what’s on the meter. Meter index. 13701. 221m3 Meter index 13701. 232m3 GD REMAINING £686.31 GD WEEK MIN £3.60 GD REC RATE 70% Ref B11005500 748127 Tariff cost 1-4 0.00 Tariff cost 5 3.453 Standing charge 0.2831 C.v 40.400 Billowing cycle 91 GAR 30%
  11. I was hoping to get the SAR. I genuinely do not believe I ever owed them what they claim. I want them to prove why they say I do, where they got the figure from etc… it really has gone on far to long. And it will keep going. I do keep everything in writing now. I’m learning as I go
  12. I am really stumbling my way through this so I wasn’t aware of any court claim I could submit. I thought I had to just sit tight and wait for Ico. No payment was sent as they send you a form according to their website with request for payment. I have followed it up multiple times. I have been ignored every time. In fact I’ve been ignored for years. Thank you.
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