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  1. Well, that does not exactly answer my question. The rent increase is not a factor here, since there was not any - after our fixed term agreement became a statutory periodic tenancy the landlord agreed not to increase the rent for another 12 months. Now, because he has moved abroad, he wants to give the flat to an agency to manage, and he wants us to leave. He insists that he has a right to give us one month notice. But the above clause from our agreement says it should be a two-month notice, am I right? Also I googled the Housing Act and I am thinking it qualifies under section 21 notice to
  2. My Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement states: My original contract expired in March, so I am guessing it now continues as a statutory periodic tenancy. My landlord contacted us back in spring regarding the rent increase, but after negotiation, he agreed not to increase the rent. Now, the landlord wants me to move out. I insist that, according to the contract, he needs to give me two months notice. But he says it is only one month and if I want a two-month notice I will need to pay him extra rent for the last previous months (as if the term of notice was based on rent incre
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