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  1. Hi all, I received a letter today (21/09/2010) from LCS Solicitors. Letter reads: " Dear Sir/ Madam 17/09/2010 Client: 1st Credit Limited Debt: HFC BANK LTD Client Ref: ************ 1st Credit Ref No: CRE ******* We act for 1st Credit Ltd who have instructed us to contact you regarding the above account. You will be aware that the above account was assigned to our client by HFC BANK LTD. As a result of this assignment, the money is now due and owing to 1st Credit. If our client
  2. The only default I have is with Lowell Financial and that is all being taken care of and will be cleared within the next few months and then my credit file will be clear.
  3. Hi all another update from 1st Credit. I received another letter today (11 september 2010) Letter reads: " We regret the above sum remains outstanding. We now intend to take legal proceedings against you. If successful it may result in: -Legal costs and interest being charged thereafter; -Entry of your name in the register of judgements, orders and fines, making it difficult to obtain credit in the future. Subsequent failure to make payment may result in enforcement action: -An application to your employer for an attachment of earnings; -Seizure of your assets by a
  4. Hi all, just to keep you updated. I received 2 letter today from 1st Credit, one letter is trying to give me a deal saying they will write off 30% if i by the end of this month, 20% if i pay in september and 10% if i pay in october. The second letter states that HFC Bank has assigned to 1st Credit the full outstanding balance of my debt. To no longer make contact with HFC Bank. If I want any personal information regarding this matter then to send my request along with a £10 admin fee and a self addressed envelope. What to do next????
  5. Thank you for your advice so far, will keep you posted with any further developments
  6. Hi all, I have received a letter today (14-10-08) from 1st credit DCA. The letter reads, Dear Sir / Madam 1st Credit (Guernsey) Limited is attempting to contact the above named regarding a personal matter. Your address has been supplied as a possible address for our subject who was previously resident at :- (previous address) Please contact our offices immediately on telephone number 0843 320 0000 and quote the above 1st Credit reference number at which time further information can be provided. If you are not the individual we are attempting to contact or have inf
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