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  1. Its not council, its Excel parking, on a free but privately operated carpark. There arn't any tickets or anything. Apparantly your supposed to set a timer on your watch for an hour so your not a second late. I got the dates wrong as i had the next letter today (all in red ink!) asking for more money in the next two weeks. Emblazened across the top is "Notice to owner of intent to issue court proceedings" but then just threat of court so im confused! I know i should ignore, everywhere says it, but i'll be honest it's not the nicest thing in the world to have hanging over your head! Just want a bit of reassurance on my own case, not just some similar. Many thanks x
  2. Hey, i know there are loads of these questions being posted but i just want to get it clarified in my case to put my mind at ease. In sheffield, there is a free carpark infront of two stores - mothercare and sheffield. I got a pcn for staying on the car park for 72 minutes when you are only allowed to stay for an hour. I know i am in the wrong - my sisters pregnant and she spent forever in mothercare and then the card machine stopped working in staples and that delayed us a further 15 minutes. For overstaying by 12 minutes i got fined £60. When i appealed stating the fact the machines went down, i got a reply saying tough ****, and the fine had now been raised to £100. Now of course i am ****ed, its a free carpark - it was almost empty! ( was 2.30pm on a wednesday) and for providing business to the stores i now have to pay an extra £100! Is there a way to get out of paying? If i dont pay £100 by next week it goes to £200! Many thanks for your time!
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