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  1. I telephoned another company and explained that tree were not treating me very well, but the reason i stayed was because of the 500 mins i got for 25 quid, the new mobile company offered to match that and charge me less, by letting me have a 500 minute B*lt *n, per month. pay as u go. if you ring up other mobile companys some will try and match their competitors.
  2. you will probably have to be given 2 months notice to quit. landlords cant just move you around on a whim, also contact shelter housing advice, ;-)
  3. I wrote to capital one, and signed and dated the letter etc, and i got a reply to say i had not signed the letter, and they could not act upon my complaint till they received a signed letter. sounds like delaying tactic.
  4. you can in certain circumstances , give them 72 hours notice to stop the noise and go before a magistrate to explain your case, under the environmental act.
  5. i had a similiar thing happen to me. contact your local trading standards, they will send you info on how to claim via either , the sale of goods act or supply of goods and services act, you can claim for upto 6 years- i think. make sure that you send a letter to the garage preferably recorded deliv. and any dealings you have with the garage make sure that you are totally transparent so if it goes to court, they will se that you have tried to communicate honestly with them.good luck.oh and always keep a copy of any letters you send.
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