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  1. hi, i checked on the companies house and i was able to find a ltd compnay registered under the same name, but has a different address and a location. so i'm not 100% sure if it's the same company....
  2. by trading address what i meant was that on ebay i was only able to get the name and the address of the name of the company but not an individual's name. but on paypal when i made the payment it showed the name of a person. so when making the claim do i put the company or the trading address or do i put the name of the person on paypal, since in most cases all these traders open an ebay account in their name but put their partners details as the payee on paypal... and as you mentioned above to avoid the case being transffered to a different county.
  3. thank you all for the replies when i said a refund at the top what i meant was the refund agreement that can be sent through ebay resolution center. and the sender has 3 days to make a refund through payapl. and i have in writing all these. as usual stupid ebay is only bothered about getting their seller fees. they said eventhough it's against their rules to commit feedback extortion there's nothing you can do about it. i don't even know why they even bothered to put that extortion is taken very seriously and will be dealt with according to ebay regulations if they turn around and tell me they don't know what to do about it...Sigh!!! guess i will think 10x before renewing ebay membership once it expires. Any how i'm now in the process of sending off the documents to the local county court. i just have a few questions and would be great if you guys can help me out. when i'm filling the n1 form do i make blank copies and fill only mine and send to court or fill 1 form and take 3 photocopies? and can i post the form or do i need to visit the court counter in person and submit and if i post it do i make the payment in a postal order or what? and finally the evidence that i have does it need to be submitted to the county court too and since the seller has given me with a trading address and my claim is for a fix amount do i need to make the claim against the person and the trading address i paid on paypal or directly to the trading address, because i want to avoid the case being transferred to the defendants county court incase a court appearence is required. thanks all. have a nice weekend.
  4. hi marcxx, too bad to hear about your experience. i'm sure you must have felt very uncomfortable. but here's the deal with shop security mentality "if you wear jean and a hoodie YOU ARE A SHOP LIFTER", "if you're a girl with a bad hair day loads of make up ugg boots and hot pants YOU ARE A SHOP LIFTER" talk about judging the book by it's cover.... here's an experience i'll share with you, sometime ago i was out walking my dog not wearing my best clothes. my dog (big rottie taller than me) pulled me and i fell. went down to waitrose to pick up a plaster and since i entered the security guard followed me, i was upset and i said out loud if you take a picture it'll last you longer! the security guard didn't expect it and just walked away. there are no legal acts to cover this type of thing, you just have to live with it
  5. Hi this is my first post. last month i bought a car bumper on ebay. the seller said 48 hours shipping but shipped it 2 weeks later. i sent my car and the bumper for fitting to the bodyshop once i got the item. the mechanics called me the next day and told me that the bumper was faulty as it does not fit the car model even though the seller claims on his listing that all products are tested. so i notified the seller stating that the mechanics find the bumper to be faulty and what is the next step... he says i should go fix it my self that he's not responsible. this is someone who trades on ebay and not a private seller. i contacted consumer direct and they said that under sale of goods act 1979 if i find the product to be of not satisfactory quality and unfit for purpose i should be able get my money back and loss and damage as the body shop will charge me for storing my car till i find another bumper. luckily 2 days later i was able to get another bumper and the car is now all done. i went and opened a case with ebay resolution center, and i stated my facts and instead of posting the photos of the faulty item i gave the seller links to the item i posted on flicker thinking then ebay too can see the state of the item. the seller was a total bully was stating that he will get hold of my phone number one way or the other. i just told him payup and collect your faulty item or i'll see you in small claims court. (on ebay i only requested for the original item i paid for, i didn't ask him to pay for the damages or anything) so the seller kept sending me msg's stating that i've got no case so i left him a negative feedback, then he agreed to pay me the money and pick up the item at his own expence if i remove the negative feedback. so he sent me the refund offer through ebay and i accepted it and he sent me an option to revise the feedback and i did. after that he went back and refuse to pay again and said there's nothing i can do about it or will see my money. ebay doesn't seem to be bothered. how do i make a claim through small claims court for the money and the extra charges and the mechanics have already agreed that incase of court action they'll be happy to come and testify to the quality of the bumper that was sold.
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