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  1. Thank you very much for that. Would it be worth it to fill the form myself and write that? What will be the chances of setting it aside by filling the form myself? if it is slim, then i may aswel just cross my fingers with the uni.
  2. i probs can't prove the cock up wwas with the LEA. I had a discussion with the person who deals with the finance at uni today. She was very pleased and positive about the fact LEA were willing to pay it. She told me to take the oppertunity with both hands as not many people get this oppertunity. (she was being positive and helpful with me). I asked what will happen with the legal side of things i.e the courts etc. She told me to get the cheque off LEA and bring it to her and she will sort it with that side of the things. ( again in a positive manner). Anyway does the uni
  3. I'm sorry I should have phrased that better. I mean I have had the ccj since june. I'm trying to get this form filled as soon as possible
  4. bumping up for some advice plzz
  5. OKay guys some of you may remember my old thread about the uni having a CCJ against me in regards to tuition fees and thanks for your replies. This situation has changed: Situation: The uni have had a CCJ against me for not paying the tuition Fees to them. The problem arose because LEA (local education authority) who paid on behalf of me realised I didnt provide my families income to them for the academic year. therefore Took the payment back of the uni. So consequently a few years laters I am in debt with the uni: p.s at the time I went to uni tuition fees were
  6. thanks soo much for the info, i do apreiate it. I understand that I am suffering the consequences of my foolishness:( So is set aside different to appealing? what is the main difference? i can still provide the proof for the income via contacting Inland Revenue. The uni did send me letters a few years ago about the situation, that's when I contacted the LEA (who don't have any inof on it). Then they started to send letters to my sisters house for some reason, which I didnt have no knowledge about (technically). Anyway the uni then sent me a few letters in feb of this year i
  7. thanks for the bump. Is there anyone with any ideas?
  8. I have recieved a CCJ against me by the University. Reason: Not paying the tutition fees in 2006 when I graduated My argument: at the time I did my degree, the tutition was paid by the LEA (local education authority). At the beggining of each academic year, we have to fill a form to be eligible for tuition fee. I filled that form and passed it. So I could study from 2005-2006 when I graduated after my final year. After 2007 the LEA re asseedd my application form and realised 1 of the supporting docs (i.e family income) I gave them was the wrong one and asked me to send them it
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