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  1. Suspect not in writing unless my purchase ledger clerk has hidden it. But - we never engaged them in the first place.
  2. Anyone had any dealings with the above please? Appear to be a small operation, take aaaages to answer the phone and the the director isn't in the office! It's not a personal debt, hence me ringing them. I work for a charity and we fund various services for children. We only fund a certain value and when that runs out the family either have to stop the service or fund it themselves. One particular provider continued to provide the service despite being informed several times that we were no longer funding the child. They have tried to go after the family who have refused to pay, as have we. They have no contract with us to provide the service because the family choose the provider. We have not issued a purchase order to them either so I fail to see how they can prove we owe them anything. Any thoughts although I appreciate it's a bit different to the usual! Thanks!
  3. Are they linked to Hillesden Securities Ltd?
  4. You can get your money back via your bank through the chargeback system - if you ring them and explain an unauthorised withdrawal has been made on your card. The best thing to do while you are on the phone is have the card cancelled as it has been compromised. They will ask you to get a crime reference number, ring the non emergency local number. They will probably tell you they don't investigate card fraud any more unless your bank asks them to step in, but insist on a reference number. I've just had to do this at work as some kind person used our debit card details to book themselves several flights....Barclays were actually very helpful and it was sorted within a week (could have something to do with us being a children's charity!)
  5. DX Secure is part of the group that deliver passports, tickets, etc. They also run the document exchange delivery service used by solicitors between practices (not to deliver to clients or victims). Looking at the website their clients also include Kuoni, Fortis, Santander, Connells, Hart Browne, BPP and Vision Express. Website is... www . thedx . co . uk Phone no is 0844 371 0000
  6. That's the one, thank you! Haven't read through the pages though as I'm supposed to be working!
  7. Morning As promised I've had a read of the DD Guide. Not much in there with regards complaints from payers (I guess because it's written for the people taking your money!) but I have found reference to complaining to BACS who process all the payments. There is a bit on their website which might be useful. Serious breaches can result in service users being thrown out of the scheme... webite is... oh, can't post a web page as I haven't got enough posts! Try this without the spaces bacs.co.uk / Bacs / Consumers / DirectDebit / HelpCentre / Pages
  8. Regarding Nationwide crediting back the funds - it should be immediate, not within 48 hours. Think there may be somewhere you can complain about the DD, but don't have the DD Guide/Rules with me. I'll have a look tomorrow and post what I find.
  9. Nationwide are spinning you a yarn. Under the DD guarantee (and I'm quoting direct from the Service User Guide and Rules to the DD Scheme) "a payer (you) is entitled to an immediate refund if an error has been made either by the service user (RBS) or the paying bank (Nationwide). This includes any errors relating to: - the collection date and frequency - the amounts to be paid - payments made after an instruction given to cancel a DD The paying bank must therefore refund the payer imemdiately and only raise an indemnity claim where there has been service user error." The indemnity claim is Nationwide's responsibility not yours. Failure to progress a cancellation immediately will result in the paying bank being liable for any DDs paid in error under the cancelled DDI unless the payer has already notified the service user. So - I interpret that to mean that if you wrote to Nationwide to cancel the DDs they are at fault for allowing the DDs to be paid. If you also wrote to RBS then Nationwide can ask RBS for the money back, but in both cases Nationwide must refund you immediately. Hope that helps. There is an awful lot more in there, but this seems to be the most appropriate info.
  10. Did you have any other DDs set up to pay RBS? The reference number they have quoted to your bank is the key. If you only ever had the one you cancelled then the DD is unauthorised and your bank must recall it under the Direct Debit guarantee and refund you.
  11. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place, the address at the foot of the letter matches Companies House. Can't post the link though as not enough posts
  12. If the payments were made by SO rather than DD then the DD guarantee doesn't apply does it? A SO payment is a set amount per month so Barclays would accept the payment as it originates from the customer's bank. I would expect them to alter a DD payment to reflect the final reduced balance, but not a SO because they can't.
  13. According to Companies House the reg address was changed from the Middx one in 2007, I guess they didn't think to update the website
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