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  1. Thank's and we hadn't paid 50% by then werent far off it tho
  2. Ok so i will get a SAR, im dealing on behalf of my parnter who is dyslexic im at my wits end trying to sort this out, the paper work i have got which is very little as my partner sent all his orignal documents to the FOS like a dumba** is just arrears letters an one saying we can pay them "a brilliant offer of £1900" and a form from who collected the car saying he collected it on basis of vt/vs, but we have never had a letter off welcome to say they have accepted our volutary termination cause they said they couldnt terminate unless we paid them half, most of the dealings were over the phone a
  3. Yes we have copies of the agreements after asking for over a year, we didnt recieve a default notice they just turned up out of the blue to inspect and collect, we didnt get a termination notice and we wrote a letter of voluntary cancellelation but they said over the phone that we cannot terminate the contract unless we paid just over £2000 that day, so as far as i am aware because we couldnt come up with that cash the contract couldnt get cancelled.
  4. My partner took out hp on a car a few years back from approved car finance (welcome finance), he didnt understand the terms and conds still doesnt to this day, we took out all the insurances including ppi just incase he got made redundant, we kept up with the payments, then asked for a reduction on the payments my partner went to the office to reduce the payments and was told to sign a piece of paper (he is dyslexic and didnt have his glasses on) he signed the amended contract which he understood to be just reduced payments but to be payed back over a longer time, not knowing that they had can
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