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  1. Sorry cannot seem to get it to copy to P.M or thread the way it is on my pc. I forwarded it from desktop.
  2. Hope you can work it out, it did not copy very well sorry, i will try again.
  3. Yes had to phone to make payments, you will see on breakdown the charges for making payments. I will put it in a P.M. Please let me know when you recive it. Thanks
  4. Glad you ok, Very expensive!!!. I will send you breakdown tommorrow, on laptop at mo, will scan it in on desktop. Thank you. no did not sign levy or anything else
  5. Also when i asked for a list of Bristow and Sutors charges they sent me a copy of the legislation as you have quoted above. I then asked for a list of specific charges to B&S they said they do not have one!!!!!!. I wonder how their bailiffs know what to charge????
  6. Thank you, I think Im starting to get this. They did send a list of Bailiffs and the dates of their certificates, Although I can not find one of them on the register. I have £150.00 left to pay, shall I start to try and recover my fees now or wait till debt is settled?. Also could you help me with a sort of example letter that I send to get the ball rolling. I am up to date with my agreement, next pament due 6th October. Janey
  7. Yes I can copy the agreement, I did. on advice request a breakdown of my account. \this was sent. Also none of the visits i had were by the same bailiff, same firm, but not same person. I also requested bailiffs names and dates of their certificates. When car was levied he did leave a list of charges, which included a 24.50 redemption fee???. and i do have his name. so it it so that when sending a van thay can only charge one flat fee if nothing is taken, and can not charge anymore if visit goes over a certain time? Also no charges for walking possesion order on breakdown, also a visit that
  8. I do have a written agreement for the car loan, since the "levy" I have changed my car, it is also on the assisted scheme. So is it so that because the levy was exempt, alll charges following are not legal??. No walking possesion as they did not gain entry, only on last visit, but nothing was levied at that visit. Thanks J
  9. hi, thanks for reply Liability order was £717.00 Amount paided £1123.04 plus £66.43 in card transaction fees. £ 150. outsatanding I have changed car since original l levy vist. It was worth 1000.00 at time of levy visit. Funny thing is I work for the very council ( Social Services homecare) that is pursuing this action. They loaned me the money to but car, on a assited car buying scheme, so officially it belonged to them. Also i when the last Bailiff called, he said he knew he could not take my car as i use it for work, so it must be exempt!. Thanks J
  10. think you may be able to help me. Ill be as brief as i can, I got a breakdown of charges from Bristow and sutor. Firstly the first and second visits recorded never happened! how do i prove this. Then the next visit, which was the first in my opinion, I did not let the bailiff in, but he recorded my car on an inventory, but i told him that i was a community carer and could not work without my car, I was already aware this was an exempt item. He procceded to levy it anyway. He then went away. I phoned company, made an offer of payment which was refused, they wanted far to much from me per month,
  11. Hi , can you tell me if this applies to a car that is exempt? IE: needed for work. I work as a community home carer. I did not let them in, they levied car even though i said it was needed for work. Then had a van come on 2 occasions and was charged for them even thought they took nothing. help! jane
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