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  1. I haven't mentioned any names at all. While I don't believe the dealer knew of the fault when they sold the car to me, their handling of the situation since has left a bad taste. I paid for the Audi inspection, but the finance company have also refunded it. I have hired a car once for a weekend but I haven't bothered to chase that since it was through work and I couldn't get a receipt in my name.
  2. So it's been a few months since this all began but it's been resolved! To fill you in, the car was taken away by the finance company (at their cost) to the supplying dealer so that the dealer had an opportunity to inspect the car and make any repairs. Of course they found none, but the finance company asked the dealer to have the car inspected by an independent third party, who also gave the car a clean bill of health. When I looked on the map, the third party was about 15 metres away from the dealer and in the same yard. The car didn't even have to travel on a public road to get there. A
  3. Hi Conniff, I was given an estimate of around £2400, with the verbal addendum that it could go up to around £3500 once properly examined. The reason for the high cost is the complex timing system and the fact the engine has to be removed to access it. At this point, either outcome would be acceptable. My only concern is that the supplying dealer will do a rushed job replacing the minimum of parts, when really, considering the time involved in removing the engine, a full timing system overhaul should be performed.
  4. So you reckon this is all above board and I should accept their offer?
  5. For anyone who might find the information in this thread useful, I replied as follows;
  6. Hi Coniff, This correspondence is between me and the finance company. When I originally contacted the garage, they ignored me. However, they do seem to have tried take a step back from the whole thing. I'll get a letter off to them today. Thanks for the reply
  7. Does anyone else have an opinion on this? For example, is it still my right to reject the vehicle? Should I push some more?
  8. I do agree that the options are limited. I'm pleased to see some progress though.
  9. Thanks again. Are you saying they should have presented me with the options to definitely repair it or to refund me?
  10. Hi Rebel, the £2500 was paid using my previous car as a trade-in.
  11. Additionally, I just tested their email address, the one I previously used and I had a reply so I know it is a 'live' address.
  12. Hi folks, sorry for the delay in replying this thread, but there wasn't much to reply about. I have just had a significant update from the finance company which I am a little unsure about; ----- ----- ----- ----- A couple of issues were immediately obvious; - I did contact the dealer, albeit by email to the address advertised on their website. I did not receive any error messages. - As I understand it, the dealers 3 month warranty is irrelevant. This complaint falls within the sale of goods act. So, option 1 is obviously the one to go with but should I be aware of an
  13. Thank Coniff. I haven't had a reply to the email I sent to the dealer last week so I'll contact the finance company.
  14. Since this fault has occurred I have read up on it. The engine uses a timing chain (actually 4 of them) which are at the rear of the engine. The timing chain system was designed to last the life of the engine however Audi screwed up and the tolerances in the materials are too wide. Sometimes the metals are too soft and the plastics are too brittle. Based on this information it seems obvious that this issue existed at the time of sale. Some of these cars go on forever and some cars end up having problems with the timing system. It seems to be one of these problems that is blown out of all
  15. Thanks heliosuk. That's some useful information. I stopped using the car as soon as I got back from the mechanic. The only time it will move is if it's going back to the dealer or going to get repaired. Unfortunately I did not give the dealer any opportunity to fix the previous issues. In my opinion when you buy a used car, realistically you should expect some minor issues but this problem is definitely not minor. It's an Audi S4 Avant, 2003 with manual transmission. I've covered roughly 5000 miles since purchase and it has a full service history, but not all of it from Audi. I belie
  16. I'm not quite sure how to get all this started. I've written this email while I await a final cost and time estimate from my local indy Audi garage. Is this the right way to get things going? Should I copy the finance company in at this point or wait until the dealer inevitably refuses to help me out?
  17. Hi BankFodder, thanks for your reply. Regarding keeping everything in writing, is email an acceptable form of correspondence in the legal sense? Obviously if I do not get a reply I will have to resort to recorded delivery mail.
  18. On March the 8th I bought a used 2003 Audi with 90k miles on the clock for £7500 with £5000 on finance. I've had a couple of issues in the past 4.5 months but being a reasonable chap they were nothing I wouldn't expect in an 11 year old car with 90k miles. However on Thursday it developed a rattle which my mechanic has diagnosed as timing tensioner failure. If this is not fixed it will lead to catastrophic engine failure. The timing system is supposed to last the life of the engine but clearly it has failed long before it's time. My mechanic has advised that to remedy the fault wil
  19. Hi, here seems the best place to post my problem. It’s another ‘bought a faulty car from a dealer’ thread I’m afraid. 10 weeks ago I bought an Audi from a used car dealer in with a 3 month warranty. I live in ScotIand and I have always bought privately in the past and this was my first purchase from a dealer. Anyway I have had a series of unlucky incidents with the car. The first of which was 11 days after I bought it when someone reversed into the rear, which will be repaired on the insurance but hasn’t been yet. The second was a faulty radiator temperature sender, which
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