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  1. Thanks for your help guys, really appreciate it - especially quick responses as I need to do something about it today/tomorrow at the latest. I did come across this which worried me in case I admit the debt and they issue ccj anyway (From http://www.hmcourts-service.org.uk).... Where the defendant admits all the claim asking for time to pay, he should notify you direct and should usually do this using the form (N9A) served on him with your claim. You must decide whether you are willing to accept the terms of the defendant's admission. If the defendant's offer is acceptable to yo
  2. OK, have been reading up on it and it looks like the best way is to file an acknowledgement of service. This way it will give me a bit longer to get the money in and pay off. Is this what you mean by "completing the claim form as normal?" If I did the minimal token payment (Debt is £9k) there is a chance they will still issue CCJ against the debt. Is my thinking correct? Many thanks
  3. OK. Does this just hold off the CCJ being issued then? Sorry, it's all new to me and trying to not get any CCJ's against the company as we are trying to get a loan from the bank to aid in our current cashflow. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi, we have a blue CCJ form dated 30/7/10 which we just can't pay for yet as we are awaiting funds. Is there a way I can stop/delay the CCJ from being issued against our company? We should have the funds to pay for this within 2/3 weeks. Is it just a case of speaking really nicely to the supplier? or filling in N9A form? Many thanks
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