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  1. We continued to pay Black Horse until the letter officially telling us that the debt had been transferred to DLC, Black horse had in fact sent the payment to DLC but it had taken time and showed us being late payers on DLC's records - we disputed this and it was taken off the record. DO NOT STOP PAYING otherwise they can take you back to court and add the costs and if you have a secured loan, heaven knows what they would do. Just make sure that you keep copies of everything and note time and date plus content of any telephone conversations that you have with them.
  2. To anyone who has recently had their Black Horse / Llloyds loans transferred to Hillesden Securities / DLC be warned as we are now being bombarded by letters from them. Having only just taken over the loan and spoke to them at the beginning of October and paid them after eventually receiving a letter from Black Horse telling us that they had transferred the loan but not until we had already received a letter from DLC and queried it, we have now received two letters issued on the same day (today) and dated 12 October 2011 expressing their concern that "It has been a while since we had contact with you". Does this mean that they expect us to 'communicate' with them every week as it was only 7 days since we spoke to them, if so I shall be sending a bill to them for my time. I have no reason to 'communicate' with them as the repayments have been made on time every month to Black Horse and now DLC. They cannot alter the Court Order so what do they want. The letter is in my mind 'Scare Mongering' tactics and I will write to them saying that as far as I am concerned they nor I have any reason to 'communicate' until such time as the loan is repaid or when they send me the annual statement that they are required to and suggest that anyone in the same position as us does the same. Should they harass me further, then I shall report them to the FSA and the Court.
  3. Just received an email from them which says "External Agent Recovery Notification We’ve previously advised you that if you didn’t repay your outstanding debt to Cabot, we’d take further action. Therefore, unless we hear from you immediately we’ll instruct one of our debt recovery agents to call on you to collect the debt." Having just sent a letter requesting both the agreement (CCA) and the Subject Access Letter with postal order for the right amount in each letter - thought that if I sent both it would make them sit up and take me seriously, how do I respond to this as I can see them sending some bully to my house. I want to send them a reply by post to stop this but not sure what to say - anyone help me on that score please. I would pay them off in full if I thought that I could get the right amount out of them, but it is the principle of it now as I want them to supply me with all the documentation.
  4. You are a star! Let's hope they don't ignore my request this time as they have in the past. it does not seem to matter what correspondence you send them, they just ignore it and then send the same computer generated letter stating the same thing out - maybe they are all robots that work there. One question though - do I pay them in the meantime or say that until I get the requested data that I am not paying another penny?
  5. I need to send the right letter to Cabot Finance asking them to provide me with both the Credit Card agreement that I signed with Monument and the amount of the debt (or preferably the last statement issued to me by Monument) along with a complete statement of the debt and payments made to Cabot since they took the debt over. I have requested this in writing several times and have now stopped paying them as it seems that everytime they write to me the amount differs. Monument agreed to stop adding interest to the account prior to Cabot taking over but the amounts differ so much in each letter going up and down and do not relate to any payments made. I now begin to wonder if Cabot even know what the amount is and are just picking a figure from the air. Surely I am entitled to a statement at least once a year but this has been going on for some years as evrytime I agree an amount I ask for a statement of account - never get it so stop payment. Can I put the account into dispute as they refuse to comply with my request for info. I have been trying for about an hour to find the letter on this site but when I click on a link on one of the postings it just goes to other letters which are not relevant to me. Please help as I want to send the letter today (registered post of course) in response to an email saying that they are sending someone to my house.
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